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Sometimes a movie can take so long time that the workload makes the film crew extremely tired. In addition to all these workloads, some actresses take on the difficult task of conceal their pregnancy while acting. Have you ever noticed the pregnancy of the actress on a film?  Here are the unforgettable performances of the famous actresses despite their pregnancy.

Blake Lively was pregnant during the filming of ‘The Age of Adaline’ and ‘The Shallows’. Blake Lively, who was pregnant while filming, took a lot of risk for The Shallows. She has used the stunt only twice in the last two weeks. She continued to work for the film ‘The Age of Adaline’. Her colleagues say Blake does not demand any special conditions when compared to other players.

Lena Headey, playing the cruel Cersei was five months pregnant at filming of fifth season of the Game of Thrones. The producers turned to actor doubles in order to shoot the scene in which the character makes a walk of shame without clothes from the prison to the king’s court. Still, it took 3 days to take the scene. The result was so successful that none noticed that the actress was pregnant.

During the filming of ‘Divergent’ Kate Winslet was pregnant for 5 months. Dark-colored outfits and carefully selected camera angles helped hide the situation.

Sarah Jessica Parker learned that she was pregnant in the first days of the fifth season of “Sex and the City”.  The film crew was really successful to conceal Sarah’s situation at the first days of the filming. But when it became impossible to hide Sarah’s situation, the season ended in eight episodes.

Helena Bonham Carter at “Sweeney Todd”, Drew Barrymore at “Blended”, Scarlett Johansson at “Avengers: Age of Ultron” were pregnant during the filming. In fact, despite their pregnancy, they perform their best and none noticed about the fact.

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