All you need to know about Botox

Botox and dermal fillings can be the solution for you if you are looking for a ways to eliminate or reduce the aging signs and wrinkles on your face and your body.

Although the application of Botox and dermal fillings procedures are the same, they have different structures. Botox, for example, is a process that lightens wrinkles by relaxing the muscle tissue. Botox is started to be used from migraine to excessive sweating nowadays. Protein purification process of Botox is a natural and reliable product. Facial rejuvenation without surgery, treatment of wrinkles near the eye and between the eyebrows is applied frequently and safely.

Mimics and gravity leave traces on our faces within time. These wrinkles can cause you to be seen  older, nervous or sick. With Botox, these wrinkles can be reduced without deterioration of the natural appearance, or they can be avoided before they begin to develop. The effect of Botox lasts for 3 to 6 months, and it should be repeated at the end of this cycle. In order to have a natural appearance, Botox must be applied in the right quantities and correct amount on the right points on the face. The health specialist applying Botox must know the facial muscles, the facial structure and facial expressions of the person very well in order to have a natural result.

As you get older, the production of hyaluronic acid, elastin and collagen, which lets skin look younger, begins to decrease. With the reduction of these substances, the skin becomes dry and fines; and it cannot be able to repair itself. Deep wrinkles and grooves begin to be seen on the skin. Therapeutic dermal filler treatment can be applied to a skin at this stage. Dermal fillers provide a tauter and younger appearance by supplying the need of hyaluronic acid in these parts of the skin.

You feel no pain while implementation of Botox injection and dermal filler treatment. These operations without surgery, last for an average of 30 minutes. There are no stitches and scars, and the healing process is quite short.

Botox and dermal filler treatment have been used in aesthetic surgery for many years. If they are applied by the skilled surgeons of healthcare institutions, the results are finally natural.

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All you need to know about Botox

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