Are you ready for a more turbulent flight?

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Be ready for more disturbing flights in the future, because of the rising levels of turbulences.  According to a study published in the journal named Advances in Atmospheric Sciences, climate changes caused air turbulence to be adjusted to rise.

According to research conducted by University of Reading, the turbulence of light will increase by 59 percent in the future. Moderate turbulence is expected to increase by 94 percent and massive turbulence by 149 percent.

The added bumps will occur because of the increases in carbon dioxide levels, and higher temperatures will cause the airflow at cruising altitude to change.

When air mass moving at one speed meets air mass travelling at another, turbulence occurs. The planes are usually affected by these different movements.

Most of the passengers feel uncomfortable and nervous when just the light turbulence occurs. But, even the most seasoned frequent fliers may be affected when a 149 percent increase in massive turbulence occurs. It frequently hospitalizes air travelers and flight attendants around the world.

Supercomputer simulations of the atmosphere were used to calculate how wintertime transatlantic clear-air turbulence will be changed at an altitude of around 12 km (39,000 feet) when there is twice as much carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. More catastrophic changes are widely expected to occur later this century. Scientists studying on the Atmospheric Sciences mostly started to investigate other flight routes around the world for the future.


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