Best Applications for Traveling

Although the number of people traveling around the world increases rapidly day by day, there is still a considerable majority that cannot leave their prejudices for travel. They must understand that nowadays traveling is not as difficult as they assume.

Whether you go just a few steps from the house or you travel to the farthest point in the world, it’s easy to have a pleasant journey without any doubts and prejudices  with the newest applications that can be used while traveling.

mTrip is a free travel guide application, with more than 3 million users around the world. Not only popular geographical places, museums, monuments and popular tourist spots  can be found in mTrip platform but also travel agencies, city tourism offices, tourism publishers can easily found via mTrip. The application has the infrastructure to handle all your travel needs.

AirBnB (Android, iOS) is an application where people from all over the world are able to rent their own house or room. If you want to try different hotels, there are opportunities to stay in over 200 countries and over 34,000 cities.

Wi-Fi Finder (Android, iOS) is an application that you can access the names and passwords of Wi-Fi points all around the world despite huge data usage prices abroad. It also contains the distance and directions to the nearby wireless points.

Wikitude World Browser, which is considered as the most comprehensive ‘enriched reality browser’ in the world, provides access to hotels, restaurants, cafes and other attractions. With this keyword based application, you can get everything you need. The application uses the camera of your phone and finds results that match the key words in close proximity.

Layar is especially prepared for travelers. It is one of the most enriched reality applications. Layar, which has an integrated structure with different platforms, can access live images, videos and multimedia content and search by keywords.

Yelp is one of the most used rating applications in the world. It is quite easy to reach the most popular places with the system of scoring for all kinds of places, especially restaurants, cafes and bars. You can also open your smartphone camera with Yelp Monocle and see places that have been interpreted and rated around you.

Uber, Foodspotting, eTag and Turna are the other applications that may simplify your travel and provide you a comfortable a leisurely vacation without any concerns about finding the hotel, museums, restaurants, and any other places you want to go; and without the doubts of not being reached by the people you love during your travels.


We are the greatest helpers who know the place we traveled and that combine traveling practices that do not leave even for a moment with travel technology. Leave an edge to the question marks in your mind, install the applications and safely exit the road!

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Best Applications for Traveling

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