Disease that steals the memories

Forgetfulness may occur because of depression, vitamin deficiencies, and thyroid function disorders. And it can be fully healed with appropriate treatment. However, it must also be known that forgetfulness may be the first sign of Alzheimer’s disease.

Dementia, which usually begins at the middle ages, may cause progressive loss of mental skills. As dementia starts there will be deterioration in mental functions and in daily life activity and behavioral problems. Alzheimer’s is the most common cause of dementia. Alzheimer’s is a type of neurological disorder which calls forth the person to move away from his/her near surroundings step by step, and then get away from himself.

Despite the fact that Alzheimer’s disease starts with forgetfulness, it is wrong to see every forgetfulness as Alzheimer’s. If there is a loss of skills and change in personality traits with forgetfulness, you must question the reason of your forgetfulness and see a neurologist.

In Alzheimer’s disease daily activities of the patient are fully distorted. The patient cannot express himself in the following period. Moreover, the relations with his environment start to diminish. And then, he loses the sense of reason. Personality changes and psychological problems follow these symptoms.

Mostly people over 65 years of age have the risk of having Alzheimer. Both women and men are under the risk of dementia. But the incidence of Alzheimer’s is higher in women.  In the recent researches, it has been seen that when the lifestyle, metabolism, mental and physical exercises are developed regularly, the age of start of the disease can be delayed for years.  On the contrary  having a quiet life at an early age, hypertension and blood sugar disorders and lack of mental exercises, starting age of Alzheimer  can be reduce to 50 or even 40.

Bad memory and thought, disorientation and confusion, losing the objects like eyeglasses, hearing aids, or keys, thinking abstractly, difficulty in performing daily tasks, changes in personality and behavior, decline in the reasoning capacity, difficulty in understanding even simple daily explanations, language and communication problems, lack of motivation and initiative and loss of normal sleeping schedule have been the most common symptoms of Alzheimer ‘s disease. If you or your loved ones have problems like these, you should go to a neurologist or a psychiatrist without losing time. Remember that early diagnosis of Alzheimer’s disease is vital for treatment.

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Disease that steals the memories

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