Everyone who goes for vacation to the Virgin Islands is given $ 300!

If you are planning to visit the islands among the Caribbean Sea this year, you are really lucky. There started an interesting promotional campaign in the Virgin Islands, a US based island community in the Caribbean Sea. According to the campaign every tourist who visits the islands will be paid 300 dollars. The campaign will continue throughout the year.  The Virgin Islands are celebrating the 100th anniversary of being the US land of the country in 2017. And they prefer to celebrate this anniversary with the tourists coming to the island this year.

When you go on a holiday, expenses mostly create problems for the post-holiday period.  There is a paradise place for those who want to spend less money on vacation. If you’re going to visit to the islands in the Caribbean Sea this year, do not worry about the expenses. Because the American Virgin Islands declared that they would give 300 dollars per person to the tourists coming to the island until the end of 2017.

Of course, there are some criteria for where money can be spent. Tourists will use this $ 300 check only for historical and cultural tours and activities. Namely, you cannot take 300 dollars and you cannot do what you want.  You need to spend this money as eco-tours, museum entrance fees, and outdoor reconnaissance tours.

If you take the Virgin Islands in your holiday route, and want to take 300 dollars, first you have to go to the American Virgin Islands. Then, you need to book a hotel with a minimum stay of 3 nights via VisitUSVI.com. You can find a list of the hotels on this site. After you do all this, the tourism department of the Virgin Island will send you $ 300 cash check.

The American Virgin Islands were sold in the United States in exchange for 25 million US dollars with an agreement made in 1917. This is the 100th anniversary of this sales contract.

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Everyone who goes for vacation to the Virgin Islands is given $ 300!

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