How to make kids love healthy food?

Have you ever seen a child who wants some more gumbo or spinach? According to the newest researches, the rate of obesity for children under 7 years old is rapidly increasing. The alarm bells have even begun to play for this generation who will deal with lots of health problems in the next years. In order to prevent growing of an unhealthy generation, we, the parents, must do something to make our children to have healthy nutrition habits. I know it may sometimes really hard for you to have your child eat anything, even fruit. Here are simple suggestions for you.

Of course children are generally unaware of that feeding is something that can have some complex consequences. It will be a good idea to explain what they need to eat by using good and bad concepts. It will be enough for the first step to understand that good eating vegetable and fruit is good whereas consumption of fast food is bad. Then, you can prepare healthy snacks in order to enrich and color his meal.

The children’s world is just like a huge dream. In this case, it will be helpful to convince your child to eat healthy food by speaking in the language of this world. It would be much better to say, ‘Today we have all the colors of the rainbow in our table,’ instead of saying, ‘I’ll give you a salad.’

Do not forget that those little ears always listen to you and memorize whatever you say. Any negative talk about a food that you do not like, will cause them decide that they do not like some food without knowing why.

Be balanced while talking about the food and while feeding your child. It may not be a good idea to exalt a food line while showing the other as a bogy. Explain in a simple way to your child that choosing to eat healthy food is better for his/her health and growing than eating everything without taking care.

Do not make pressure on your child while feeding him/her. How many times have you heard this sentence while raising a child? The opposition to making pressure is creating alternatives and choices for your child. Instead of shouting at him/her by saying he/she must eat the food, asking if he/she wanted to try the delicious and healthy food which you prepared for him/her will be your starting point. Then, create alternatives for him, so he has to make a choice between alternatives instead of choosing between “Yes” or “No”.

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How to make kids love healthy food?

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