If you cannot lose weight, it may be due to food intolerance

The number of people who start to make diet in order to meet the summer with a fit body is increasing day by day. But some people cannot get rid of their weights although they obey the diet programs tightly. There are many reasons for this, from diabetes to goiter. But, according to the nutrition and diet experts, one of the most common causes of not losing weight is food intolerance which is not come to mind at first. People, who have food intolerance, may not be able to lose weight in their diet programs. It is necessary to find out which food is intolerant and the detection is possible with a blood test.

If you cannot succeed to lose weight even though you eat nothing for days, it will be best to go to a nutrition and diet expert at first. This situation can have many different causes. They will look at the blood test to see if there is a change in your blood value. Confidential diabetes, goiter disorder or food intolerance can lead to this problem.

Some foods cannot be digested by our digestive system properly in the amount they have to and this situation is called food intolerance. Foods that cannot be digested adequately and cannot be absorbed in our intestines cause various problems in our bodies. These problems can be not being able to lose weight, gastrointestinal problems, skin disorders, headache, and even knee pain.

How can we determine the foods that lead to food intolerance preventing weight loss? With the Pinner test you can learn about the foods that lead intolerance and the level of intolerance. The foods that lead intense intolerance must be removed from your diet for a long time. The food with low-intensity intolerance may be removed from your short-term nutritional program. Wheat, dairy products and tea intolerance are the most often seen ones. Instead of the foods that are taken from your diet, you must put the options that have close nutritious value with them. Nutrition experts say that if a person has intolerance to cow milk, they recommend goat milk instead of cow’s milk. If wheat intolerance is present, quinoa or other legumes are recommended.

Well, how does food intolerance prevent a person from losing weight? Food intolerance, weight and serotonin, the hormone of happiness are working in a relation. Our body needs serotonin and we take this need from foods. If we are intolerant to the foods, the food that we consume cannot be absorbed enough and our serotonin level stays at low level. The level of serotonin in our body is directly related with losing and gaining weight.

Especially the changes in the climate and the environmental conditions have caused changes in agriculture and as a result the food we consumed has been changing. Beside these changed food, processed, durable, additive foods destroyed the structure of our intestines. As a result, the changes in the structure of both food and intestine have also damaged our tolerance to food. This is unfortunately a chain loop.



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If you cannot lose weight, it may be due to food intolerance

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