Indications of cancer in men!

There can be many indications of cancer. If you think that something is going wrong in your body, you should definitely get help from an expert. Despite the fact that most of syptoms of the cancer types are common for both male and females, there are some types of cancer like prostate and testicular cancers which may be seen in men.

Frequent widdling problem with most men over the age of 50 may be indicative of large prostate gland if accompanied by urinary problems. Although you donot have anyhealth problems at all, it is important to have a prostate examination after 50 years old for an early diagnosis.

If you experience any swelling or pain in your testicles, you must  go to an urologist immediately. Testicular cancer is a type of cancer that progresses very rapidly as opposed to prostate cancer.

Blood in stool may be the indication of bladder, kidney or colon cancer while it can be caused due to hemorrhoids or urinary tract infections.  If you have such a bleeding  problem it is important to see your doctor.

One of the symptoms of many cancer types is unexplained pain and tiredness in spite of resting for a long time. If pain and tiredness have become a problem affecting your daily life, consult your physician. If you have swollen lymph glands in your neck, armpit and other areas although you do not experience any health problems such as respiratory tract infections, it is important to inform your physician.

Some people may experience difficulty in swallowing from time to time, even if there is no health problem. But, if this problem is accompanied by weight loss and vomiting, consult your physician. Difficulty in swallowing may be the indication of throat and stomach cancer.

If you have the problem of stomach burning and stomach cramps although you donot change your eating habits, and although ypu are not under stress, you must immeadiatly see your doctor. These symptoms may be the news of stomach and throat cancer.

If you are smoking or chewing tobacco you are more likely to have a risk of oral cancer. If you have recently developed white or red spots in your mouth or your lips, you should definitely consult your dentist.

Losing weight frequently without any changes in ypur eating and exercise habits, may be the symptoms of pancreas, stomach, or lung cancer. Thus, if you experience such a situation, stop being pleasent for your thin body and please consult your physician.

Fever, which shows the struggle of the body with the infection, may be a reporter of leukemia or lymphoma if it does not originate from any disease. Therefore, if you have a fever over 3 days without any cause, please consult your physician.

Remember that one percent of breast cancers are seen in men, thus men are still have the risk of having breast cancer. For this reason, do not ignore the masses seen in your nipple.

If you notice any changes in size, shape or color on your skin, contact your doctor as soon as possible. Changes in your existing spots or occurance of new spots can be a sign of skin cancer.

If you do not have any illness, and you have a stubborn cough that lasts for 3 weeks or more, it is important to go to an ear-nose and throat doctor. Do not hesitate to take the necessary tests and checks, if this cough is accompanied by shortness of breath and coughing blood. It may be a sign of lung cancer.

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Indications of cancer in men!

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