Norway builds a New Doomsday Vault to store Data

Norway’s Doomsday Vault has being upgraded for storage of digital data! The apocalypse cellar of the Norwegians continues to expand. The new cellar, officially named the World Arctic Archive, opened in April 2017 week. As soon as the World Arctic Archive opened they took applications from two countries. Instead of vegetables and fruit seeds, they will keep important data in a special film that they developed, against big catastrophes.

The World Arctic Archive was located on Svalbard Island, 997km from the North Pole. It was built into an old coal mine called “Mine 3”. Countries will be able to hide cultural, social, and any kind of data seen important for their history.

A Norwegian company named Piql has taken responsibility for passing data to light-sensitive, multi-layer analogue films. According to the company’s, these films have a life span of 500-1000 years.

Piql states that the country requesting to store data in the World Arctic Archive, can try sending data to their servers for testing. The company transfers the information it receives to special films, and hides these films in safe boxes. As long as the Internet and servers continue to work, the stored data will be searchable from the outside. The company is able to send the data back in the desired format at any time the country demands.

Analog storage is usually more durable to time than digital storage. No special code or an operating system is required to read the data. The main purpose is that if the world faces a great disaster, the data can be well protected and easily accessed.

Mexico and Brazil have been the first two countries who applied for storing data. The authorities of Piql told that Brazil had stored historic documents such as the constitution of the country, and Mexico had stored important documents dating back to the Incas.

Hopefully, the extreme political economic and social destabilization in the world has not ended in some sort of full-on mass catastrophe. However, if it does, some of the most important aspects of culture that humans left behind will be accessed by the help of the World Arctic Archive. Yes, the civilization is taking measures against the possibility of a great disaster.

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Norway builds a New Doomsday Vault to store Data

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