The cities that will change with the rise of sea level in the future!

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According to a report prepared by the US Environmental Protection Agency, the sea level has increased 18 cm in the past century because of the fact that the world heat has warmed up to 0,5 degrees. Scientists are estimating the world temperature to increase by 2 degrees which may cause an 80 cm rise at sea level by 2100.

The seas around the world have risen 20 cm since 1880. Scientists have warned that global warming will result in a rise of 80 cm at sea level and the shapes as of the terrain will deteriorate as the polar glaciers continue to melt. And, the guilty of all the occurred and estimated changes is the human being.

As the sea level continues to raise, in the nearer future Boston Back Bay, Front Bay, Los Angeles Venice Beach, Miami Oceans Drive will completely disappear and the Washington Monument will be used just as a sea lighthouse. Most of the countries in the world will be affected by this disaster.

If no effort is made to reduce greenhouse gas use, this upsurge will greatly reshape the world’s appearance. In fact, 1,139,594 square kilometers of land where the home of 375 million people is today, will be swallowed by the oceans. It is obvious that not a certain part of the community will be affected, huge populations will lose their lives and the rest have to change their modern life styles.

Before all these disasters happen, if we, the human beings, try to change our lifestyle, consumption habits, we can able to slow the global warming up a bit and extend the catastrophic time.



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