The Most Beautiful Isles in the World

Have you ever come across with the images of the island that stretches along the blue waters with its white beaches? You keep stuck without separating your eyes until the image passes. You dream to go there and spend the rest of your life on that white beach. The image changes and you continue where you left your old life. Sometimes you remember this beautiful island, but never be able to find where that island is and even what its name is. Luckily, Travel + Leisure magazine which is a travel and lifestyle magazine has chosen the best islands in the world. Moving into an island may be impossible. But, what about spending a holiday in one of them?

Palawan Island that places in Philippines are the one of may be the most beautiful islands in the world. Palawan, a group of 1780 islands, has unbeatable beauty, a myriad of lively wildlife, breathtaking sea views. You should absolutely taste the serenity of the El Nido coast and see the longest underground river in where the coral reefs, tropical fishes, and coral reefs can travel. You can stay in the luxury villas made from palm trees which are closer to the tropical rainforest and El Nido beaches.

Boracay Island is another tropic island that has a strong impact on its visitors. Boracay is a smaller island, and has more lively nightlife everywhere. The white beaches are famous for having the softest sand of the world and also Puka beach romanticism is said to be experienced. You can stay at Discovery Shores Boracay which is one of Asia’s best SPA hotels since 2013, and the Shangri-La Boracay Resort & Spa which has a magnificent view of two private beaches and watery seas.

Maui is an island that has earned countless times the rankings of the T + L’s most admired places. It is in Hawaii. With its perfect Nafplio coastal strip which is miles of long and with lush valleys this island make you feel like you are in another world. The beauty of Haleakala volcano will take your mind from your head. You can stay at Four Seasons Resort in Wailea, which is the preference of the celebrities and which has 3 excellent restaurants with Pacific and Volcano views.

Santorini taking place in Greece is another island which will take your mind. If you see the white houses with blue domes with the view on the peaks of the shining Aegean Sea, understand that this is Santorini. Santorini Island is the most beautiful island from the magnificent Greek islands with a beautiful view as a postcard. Watching the sunset from the top of Oia Village, walking on the Perissa Coast’s black sand which is one of the most photographed places, is just two of the many things you need to do while you’re here. Oia’s Katikies Hotel with 27 small white clubs around two endless pools will be the best place to stay.

There are many other beautiful islands in the world. These are the best islands where you can feel yourself as if you are in a fairytale.

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The Most Beautiful Isles in the World

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