5 recommendations for not getting lost in your cosmetics

The cosmetics of women vary and multiply in amount day by day. In order to keep up with the speed of new products, it is necessary to follow up the rollout of the cosmetics every day. The new shiny fingernail polishes, colorful eye shadows and lipsticks glamorize most of the women and with the effect of this glamor, the number of new cosmetics increase on our table. It is imperative to find creative solutions in order not to confuse this material. Otherwise, the cosmetics that we enjoy very much are condemned to corruption where they are forgotten. There are a few suggestions that will inspire you to overcome this problem.

Using door-back organizers for your cosmetics will be a good solution. Normally this small rear door organizer is a product made for jewelry. But, it makes more sense to use it for make-up materials, besides for jewelers. It can be a very practical solution for you if you want to find all kinds of materials in one place. Because of its transparency, it is a different beauty to see the colors and brands of ypur cosmetics at first sight.

Here’s another practical makeup editing method. You can turn a simple dish drainer into a beautiful headlight palette editing area with a little creativity. You can arrange your headlamp palettes nicely, with a dish drainer that you can buy for a very small cost and even add your own touch and choose a variety of colors.

You’ve already seen the frames as stylish fixtures before. Here we propose to you a practical idea that moves one step further and turns into a makeup organizer. What you need to do is very simple: take a frame of your choice and the size you want, paint the color you want and cover the background with metal. Stick small magnets underneath your makeup items. Then attach these magnetic materials to your metal panel at your desired level. You will get a stylish and practical regulator.

Drawer organizers are often used for underwear, socks or ties. However, these editors can be transformed into an excellent makeup storage area. You can try this as the most practical solution.

Brushes have recently become one of the most indispensable makeup materials. For this reason, it is imperative to show special attention to them. Fortunately, it is possible to create a stylish storage area with a simple solution. Put the gentle stone or sand into small vases which are found even in the flowers, and dip them into them.

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5 recommendations for not getting lost in your cosmetics

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