6 symptoms of MS disease

Dr. Neurology Specialist Esra Mihcioglu Multiple sclerosis (MS), a chronic disease whihc continues in the form of attacks, is usually seen in young adults. The MS disorder, which occurs more frequently in the 20 to 40 age group, is twice as common in women. Different symptoms changing according to each individual are observed in the MS patients.

Neurology Specialists point out that if a problem such as fatigue, loss of vision, dizziness, numbness, or electric shock lasts longer than 24 hours, you must go to a doctor immediately. Neurology Specialists say that early recognition is very important in the MS disease. MS can be controlled with early diagnosis and correct treatment.

Multiple sclerosis (MS) is an immune system disease which causes the immune system to protect our bodies from external damage, resulting in damage to the nerve fibers called the axons in the brain and spinal cord, and the myelin surrounding them, for various reasons. It is commonly found in young adults and is usually in the form of exacerbations, healings.

Although there is no definite information on why MS occurs, it is not clear whether Lyme disease, genetic disorders, infections, lack of B12, smoking and stress are among the causes. The symptoms of MS can vary from drowsiness, pain and gait problems. Diseases can show itself as dizziness, imbalance, numbness in the corners and stools, loss of balance, loss of vision or double vision, sexual anorexia, and urinary incontinence . If one or more of these symptoms last longer than 24 hours, a neurology specialist must be consulted in order to get an early diagnosis.

There are significant improvements in treatment of MS disease in recent years. Today, many drugs are used in treatment to cure exacerbations and it will prevent the disease from getting worse. But, different types of rehabilitation, such as physical therapy, can also help the patient at home and at work. Especially in the beginning of the disease, these treatments affect the course of the disease must be forgotten. And for whatever reason, medication should not be left without consulting a physician.

Physical exercises are really important for the MS patients due to the fact that MS is a chronic illness, and patients can have a good life quality and a long life, as well as to be able to get ahead of the attack by the help of physical exercises. Aerobic exercise gives energy to make people feel physically and reasonably stronger. The exercise, which also helps in daily activities, helps prevent problems caused by weak muscles, and also supports the resolution of bladder and bowel problems.

One of the issues that MS patients are mostly curious about is whether the disease affects their sexual life or not. Neurology Specialists say that the disease could affect sexual desire, cause libidone to fall, or cause sexual satisfaction problems. In this regard, the disease can be helped through medication or therapy. Despite the potential sexual problems, MS does not affect the ability to have a child.

It is extremely important for a qualified life that the patient and his/her family have accurate information about MS and the power to fight this lifelong disease.

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6 symptoms of MS disease

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