6 tests in which you can evaluate your health before going to a doctor

6 tests in which you can evaluate your health before going to a doctor

Nobody likes to go to the hospital, but we have to deal with it for our health. Following items may be helpful for youto see if there is any problem in the functioning of your body before going to the doctor. Of course, these tests do not give a definite result. But, if you notice any of the symptoms, do not ignore to see a doctor for a detailed checkup.

1- Eyes

Move 3-5 steps away from your monitor and close your eyes. Focus on the circle above. Do some of the lines look darker than others? If your answer is yes, you should see an eye doctor. You probably have astigmatism problems.

2- Flexibility

In order to apply this test, sit first. Extend your legs forwards and touch your feet with your fingertips. If you can do this easily, there is no problem in the flexibility of your body. If you have difficulty, you can start doing yoga or pilates in order to increase your flexibility and prevent your joints from weakening.

3- Heart

Sit quietly for 5 minutes and place your four fingers on your inner heart in your wrist. Measure the number of shots for 1 minute. For anyone over the age of 10, the pulse is 60-100 times per minute. If you measure more or less of this number, you may have problems with blood pressure. However, do not make yourself a diagnosis and see the doctor.

4- Fingers

Put cold water in a glass and dip your fingers in it for 30 seconds. If your fingertips are getting white or blue color, there may be a problem with your blood circulation.

5- Liquid ratio in your body

Press the top or bottom of your foot with your thumb. If there is a recess in the foot after a few seconds of lifting your thumb, it’s likely that your body has a problem with fluid retention. You need to reduce the amount of salt in your diet and cut down consuming processed foods.

6- Thyroid

Close your eyes, stretch your arms in front of you, open your fingers to the sides and ask someone to put a thin sheet on your hands. If the piece of paper begins to flicker with your fingers, it may be helpful to go to an endocrinologist.

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6 tests in which you can evaluate your health before going to a doctor

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