Best animation movies of the last 5 years

Every time we watch a good animation movie, we return to our childhood. However, the animation movies of 2015, 2016 and even 2017 are able to surprise us with their drawings. Animation films are becoming more and more realistic. For those who want to remember their childhood, we have listed the best animated movies that have hit the last 5 years. Although Disney and Japanese animation movies are at the top with their scores, there are some British or French animations surprising us.

  1. Kimi no na wa wa has been one of the best animations of the last five years. This Japanese animation, also known as Your Name, is about the secrets of the dreams of the two young people.
  2. Inside Out is another unique movie that won the Best Animated Film Oscar, has also received a full note from the audiences with its original scenario. The story is based on the struggle of the feelings of a young girl named Riley. Her feelings, Joy, Sadness, Fear, Anger and Displeasure battle for Ridley’s life.
  3. Zootropolis, overturns box office records and takes place among the best animated films of 2016. It is about a rabbit who dreams of becoming a police officer leaves his village and comes to the metropolis. And the adventure starts.
  4. Big Hero 6 which was released in 2014 and took the Best Animated Film Oscar in 87th Academy Awards is especially successful in raising its fascination with its subject. Hiro, who made the battle robot and participated in the fights, collected his fight team after the death of his brother.
  5. Kaze Tachinu, was both written and directed by the legendary name of the anime world, Hayao Miyazaki. We see Emily Blunt, Josh Krasinski and Martin Short as the postsynching celebrities. This Miyazaki movie is about the story of a fictional character named Jiro Horikoshi, who made aircraft design during World War II.
  6. In the Wreck It Ralph, the story of bad guy Ralph is told. As a bad guy in an arcade game, Ralph is bored by the good guy Felix’s, taking all the praises. Ralph, who now wants to be one of the good characters of the game, leaves the game and throws another game, Sugar Rush, in danger.
  7. LEGO Movie has achieved legendary performance with the characters voiced by many famous stars like Chris Patt, Will Ferrell, Elizabeth Banks and Morgan Freeman. It has become an admirable series. At the same time, LEGO Movie won the BAFTA Best Animated Film Award.
  8. Moana entered the vision at the end of 2016 and soon became one of the most successful animated movies of the year. This beautiful animation becomes the focal point of the praise with its original script.
  9. Frozen achieved great success and had the most grossing animation movie title ever reached. With its impressive storyline, Frozen attracts the audience and succeeds to be one of the best animations.
  10. Anomalisa, entered the vision in 2015, was nominated for both the Best Animated Movie Academy Award and the Golden Globe Award. Anomalisa, which takes on the story of a paraplegic author discovering hope again, will completely touch your soul.
  11. Rise of the Guardians is about the struggle of Santa Claus, Jack Frost, Tooth Fairy, Sandman and Easter Bunny with Pitch Black, which is also called Nightmare. Especially Rise of the Guardians admires the audiences with the visuals.
  12. Brave is a 3D adventure animation movie released in 2012. The story is about the strong and rebellious character of princess Merida. Due to her rebellious character, Merida, opposes the holy tradition of the kingdom and brings anger and chaos to the kingdom lands. Later, she tries to save her kingdom.

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Best animation movies of the last 5 years

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