Best honeymoon routes to forget about wedding stress

Having a relaxing honeymoon is the best way to forget about all the pressure and stress of the wedding preparations. Firstly, you need to decide what kind of honeymoon you had dreamed about. Do you see yourself at walking on a beautiful beach with your spouse or dancing at a local dance show? If you cannot decide where to turn your route, here are the most beautiful honeymoon routes…

  • Fiji Island is one of the most preferred honeymoon destinations. This is a place that realizes all your imagines. Walking on the beach hand in hand with your lover with the accompaniment of the romantic illumination of the moonlight. All of the islands of Fiji are covered with tropical forests. Turquoise Color Sea, coral reefs and silky beaches guarantee to have the most romantic honeymoon.

There is an untouched lagoon 40 feet below the surface of the water where you can reach by an elevator. In this legendary lagoon, there is an underwater hotel named Poseidon Undersea Resort. You must absolutely stay in this hotel. If you are able to afford staying at this amazing hotel, this will be not only an unforgettable honeymoon, but also the most extraordinary experience of your life.

  • Sri Lanka is another beautiful route for honeymooners with its tropical climate. With its rich geography, it is also one of the most important stops for nature tours. Sri Lanka is said to be the pearl of the Indian Ocean with its delicious fruit, special rice, beaches, different architecture from the colonial era, and different hand and performing arts. Traveling with an elephant will be both interesting and funny for you and for your spouse. You must absolutely see Bentota which is a tropical paradise with its magnificent beaches full of lush trees near the Indian Ocean.
  • If you want to travel to a different destination for your honeymoon, Japan will be the right place. With both experiencing Japanese culture tasting the different tastes of Japanese cuisine, honeymoon in Japan can leave permanent marks on your new life. The country has no land border with any country. This is why it is known as ‘The Birth of the Sun’.

You can enjoy beautiful nature of this peerless island by staying in a Japanese village, or you can let yourself in the thrills of Tokyo.These islands country is ready to offer you all the excitement you are looking for!

  • Iceland has become one of the most popular honeymoon preferences with its different nature and not being so crowded. Iceland gives you to taste a different type of experience. You can swim in the hot pools under the snow when the temperature is minus 10 degrees outside. You must go to Blue Lagoon which is the most beautiful thermal lake in the world. The magnificent waterfalls, wide plains, untouched nature are waiting to be discovered in Iceland.
  • If dancing is indispensable for you, Cuba will be the best destination in your honeymoon. This old country is like a paradise for those who love fun and nightlife. There are a lot of things to explore in the small towns of Cuba.
  • Maldives has been a typical honeymoon destination for the newly-wed couples. If you have classic expectations from your honeymoon, Maldives with its long white beaches, tropical forests will be the best for you. Wandering the white beaches all day, resting at the beautiful coasts will be good for you to forget all the stressful days before your wedding.

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Best honeymoon routes to forget about wedding stress

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