Best Shopping Streets in Paris

The center of fashion and luxury, Paris, has recently hosted economic shopping spots. In this cool city, where everybody is stylish, there are many economic shopping options, from street markets to outlets, cheap shops to vintage stores. Shopping paradise Paris offers you the shopping taste not only from luxury stores but also from affordable boutiques and outlets. Here you can find four most economical shopping stops in Paris.

  1. Le Marais is not only one of the most bohemian neighborhoods of Paris with its striking design shops but also it is home of countless second-hand shops and vintage boutiques. Many second hand products are sold at cheap prices in the stores in Le Marais. You can have a variety of products from household items to plaques, books to tables for affordable prices. Le Marais is also one of the most concentrated regions of the vintage shops. You can find here many luxury brand jackets, dresses, shirts and shoes as second hand.
  2. Benlux, which is located directly opposite the famous Louvre Museum, is one of the most known addresses for affordable cosmetics and perfume shopping. You may start your shopping by showing your passport at the shop on Rue de Rivoli. If you come to the discount period of cosmetics and perfume products in this store, you can lose your mind while shopping. Benlux has been the most affordable store in Paris with duty-free sales.
  3. NGR Warehouse which is located in the 16th district is a discount store in Paris. It serves as a concept that sells luxury outlet products and defoliating brand products at really cheap prices. There needed a membership card in order to shop in this warehouse. But, you can also log in by stating that you are a tourist. There is no test cabinet on the inside and there are just a few mirrors. It is normal to see long queues at the door when the products of world famous brands are on sale.
  4. Val D’Europe is the largest outlet village of Paris, which is located 30 minutes from the city. There are many world brands, cafes, parks and green areas in this shopping village. It is possible to have numerous luxurious and middle class brands for affordable prices.

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Best Shopping Streets in Paris

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