Could stomachache be a symptom of a heart attack?

Gastroenterology and Hepatology Experts warn about that the ongoing mild or moderate stomach pain may be a symptom of heart attack. Stomachache can be an indication of the heart attack which is one of the most serious health problems that can result in death today.

According to the Gastroenterology and Hepatology Experts there are many factors that cause stomach ache and that it should never be forgotten that the heart attack also takes place after excessive stomach pain. Bearing in mind that the heart attack is a very serious health threat to life, they notice that the heart attack and symptoms must be well known.

The heart attack does not always occur with heavy, overwhelming chest pain, uncertain stomachache, indigestion, or stomach cramps can be heart attack news. Of course, there are many factors that cause stomach ache, but it should not be forgotten that the heart attack also causes pain in the stomach.

A heart attack is usually caused by a blood clot that forms in the coronary artery. This blood clot prevents blood from coming into the heart muscle and causes heart pain, cramping and squeezing. Individuals feel this as a compression in the heart, but this pain can spread to the different parts of the body and it may lead to stomach aches, pains on arm, shoulders and neck. The pain can be spread to the abdomen or to a corner of the stomach, although the pain is really in the heart. These symptoms are such serious and urgent precautions that you must see the doctor immediately if you have such symptoms.

Health specialists also pointed out that not every stomachache is a sign of heart attack. Other problems that cause stomach pain are “acid reflux or gastroesophageal reflux disease, gassing due to digestion of foods, indigestion in the stomach area due to a digestive problem, bloating sensation, peptic ulcer, gastritis, pancreatitis, gall bladder inflammation, and hepatitis.

The heart attack usually causes vague restlessness, nervousness or fear in most people. If you experience sudden or severe stomach pain with these feelings, cold sweating, fainting Nausea and vomiting, shoulder, neck, arm, back, tooth or jaw pain, pain in the neck, pressure, tightness or any discomfort, breathing problems such as breathlessness, sweating, sweating Cold or moist skin, urgent help must be taken absolutely. If the situation is related to a heart attack, it could cause permanent heart damage and death, call an ambulance immediately and do not think of stomach pain that you do not know cause for any reason as a harmless problem.

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Could stomachache be a symptom of a heart attack?

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