Famous Food Museums

For most people, seeing new places means discovering new tastes. The museums usually are related with the culture and history of a country. But, you can also have information about the special tastes of the regions by visiting the Food Museums.

Throughout our lives we have made various meals and shared these tastes with our loved ones. We have seen the development and changes of vegetables, fruits and drinks over time. Desire of people for eating is the reason of all the changes in agriculture and food industry.   If you want to take information about the famous tastes of the countries you visited, we offer you to see the Food Museums in addition to the historical ones.

With the arrival of noodle varieties prepared with hot water to the world markets in 1971, many people who will never see Far East countries, have become noodle lover. If you are also noodle lover, and if you are traveling to Japan, you can visit the Noodle Museum in Yokohama, closer to Tokyo. In this museum you can learn about the history and construction of noodle.

If you want to meet the magical world of Dutch cheeses, we recommend you to visit the Cheese Museum in Amsterdam. You can learn how to make famous Dutch cheeses and butter in the Cheese Museum opened in Amsterdam in 1982.

It was unthinkable that the Pasta Museum was somewhere outside Italy. In this museum in Rome you can see the development of pasta in the world. Inside the museum you can also see artifacts containing academic studies on pasta.

If you are a coffee lover, you may feel yourself like in heaven with the smell of coffee in the Coffee Museum. The coffee you drink anywhere in the world is probably produced in Brazil. The Brazilians who noticed the cultural effect of the coffee, once again became the target destination of the tourists who especially like coffee.

The Chocolate Museum is located in Belgium. The Jacques Chocolate Factory, founded in 1896, was later turned into a museum. You can learn the story of chocolate from the growing of the cacao plant to the packaging process of the chocolate and taste the artifact chocolates in Chocolate Museum.

The Mushroom Museum in France, the Mustard Museum in the US, the Fried Potatoes Museum in Belgium and the German Food Additives Museum are among the other museums to be seen by food lovers.

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Famous Food Museums

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