Foods that make cellulite

The cellulite problem is one of the fears of women. Cellulites may be caused by hormonal imbalances, but foods we consume can also be the reason of this nightmare. Cellulite is the collection of subcutaneous fat within connective tissue mostly on the pelvic region, specifically on the buttocks, lower limbs and abdomenCellulite is unfortunately mostly occurred in females.  A research showed that approximately 85%-98% of women have cellulite. It can result from a complex combination of factors ranging from hormones to heredity. Most of the foods you eat in everyday life can also cause this problem to occur. For this reason, it should be considered that the problem with cellulite is definitely not superficial but also caused by the foods you eat.

Coke is the first among the beverages that make cellulite due to the large amount of caffeine, sweeteners and sugar in coke. The caffeine and other substances contained in the coffee prevent water retention in the body. Because of this feature, coffee has a diuretic effect. But, it can cause cellulite when consumed too much. Cream and milk consumed with coffee are also among the foods that lead to cellulite. Because of the amount of caffeine the black tea contains, black tea also causes a great deal of cellulite. So we recommend you to think twice before drinking black tea and of course the coke and coffee with milk and sugar.

Ready-made juices contain high sugar and calorie content just like the coke. As it is seen there is no difference between consuming coke and ready-made juices from the point of high sugar and calorie.

White sugar does not contain any nutrients useful for your health. For this reason, white sugar is considered to be poison by nutritionists. White sugar causes cellulite formation as well as weight gain.

Pickle juice is also causing cellulite due to the amount of salt in it.

As a result, by just avoiding the habit of consuming the determined food and drinks, you can be able to reduce the cellulite formation in your body. Of course, if you exercise in addition to your diet, the result may be great.

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Foods that make cellulite

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