For a healthy hearth

Despite all the developments in diagnostic methods and advances in therapeutic modalities, heart and vascular diseases are still the most common causes of death in the world. Urban living conditions, stress and malnutrition are seen as the reasons of heart diseases.

Annual death rate in the world due to hearth attack and cardiovascular diseases has been reached its highest level today.  Currently, cardiovascular diseases are the most common cause of death for the middle and old age group, accounting for about 30% of global deaths. It is estimated that deaths due to cardiovascular diseases will increase to 22.2 million by 2030. According to the researches, nearly half of all non-infectious deaths in the world are caused by cardiovascular disease. The majority of these deaths are due to heart attack and stroke.

Stress, bad nutrition habits, obesity and diabetes, use of cigarettes poses a great risk for heart and vascular health. As a result, the frequency of death from cardiovascular diseases is increasing day by day.

Unfortunately, risk of heart attack in young people has also increased in recent years. Some patients may be more susceptible to heart and vessel disorders inheritably. If they have bad nutrition habits and if they have stressful life they can have hearth and cardiovascular diseases in young ages, eve before 30. The point that must be cared is when a patient, under the age of 35, has hearth attack, the death risk if higher due to the inadequate formation of the side vessels named cholesterol.

What about the new treatment methods or surgical methods? Before treatment methods, patients with cardiovascular diseases must firstly care about their life styles and their eating habits. They must stay away from stress. If we look at the newest treatment and surgical methods, doctors are stating that coronary bypass operations are performed with excellent results, by the help of on technological developments. Especially minimally invasive surgery that can be performed from a small wound can treat patients much more quickly. But before all such treatments and surgical methods, they offer patients to love themselves and to protect their heart.

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For a healthy hearth

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