Global Markets: Euro gained strength as the stocks mixed

The Eurozone common currency strengthened and the dollar started the Tuesday with a drop just after during non-lifetime trading hours. European stocks wiped away their losses, gold rippled, , and the stocks were mixed.

The euro has joined the group of G-10 currencies which are strengthening against the dollar. Dollar, Treasury, and the US index futures contracts moved downward. The Stoxx Europe 600 Index did not find direction as it was watching mixed stocks. Western Texas Oil pushed upwards during the course of the European market, after a downward movement.

Markets are following a stagnation period due to decreasing transactions in the summer. This week, the attention turned into the US inflation data which will be released on Friday. This data is important for the interest views of the world’s largest economy. According to the strategists, the markets are sleeping and limited news feeds can be triggered by narrow transaction intervals, however this can change as the US CPI data to be released on Friday is approached.

Moreover, the data announced in China showed a calm global demand. While the 11.2 percent increase in exports in July against exports was below the economists’ forecast, demand for Chinese goods remained strong in an environment of rising tension with the US.

Stoxx Europe 600 Index fell 0.1% today at 06:47 New York time. The MSCI All Countries World Index increased 0.1% and reached the highest level so far. S & P 500 index futures contracted at 0.1 percent.

Euro strengthened by 0.2% and came in at 1.1817 dollars. Bloomberg Dollar Spot Index dropped 0.2 percent.

Treasury yields of 10-year maturity increased by 1 basis point to 2.26 percent. In Germany and the UK both the interest rates of 10 years have increased by one base point.

Gold price increased by 0.5 percent to 1,263.86 dollars per ounce, making the biggest rise in the month-long sweet. West Texas Oil (WTI) rose 0.2 percent and traded at $ 49.47 per barrel.

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Global Markets: Euro gained strength as the stocks mixed

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