Hawking: I believe that human beings should leave Earth

Scientist Stephen Hawking said that countries which are pioneers in the development of space programs should send their astronauts to the Moon until 2020. Hawking also desired to go to Mars in the next 10 years and to set up a space base on the Moon in the next 30 years.

Speaking at the Starmus Festival in Norway, Stephen Hawking said that the new space race to be restarted will give a new purpose to humanity and that new alliances will be formed on this occasion.

The famous scientist claims that spreading to the space will change the fate of mankind. He added that he believes that human beings should abandon Earth.

He also noticed the importance of combating climate change and global warming, as opposed to Donald Trump, who embraced the most wrong politics ever seen in these issues. Stephen Hawking said that space travel for the future of the Earth and the threat of climate change is of great importance.

He added that our place is becoming narrower and the only place to go is other worlds, and now it is time to explore other solar systems, and spreading to the outside world can be the only thing that can save us from bringing our end.

Jan Woerner, head of the European Space Agency, announced that by 2024 they planned to replace the existing space base with a base to be installed on the moon, and planned a joint discovery mission with Russia for the potential base area. NASA is concentrating on sending astronauts to Mars until 2030 instead of returning to Moon.

Hawking, the famous British physic theoretician and space scientist, also said that mankind has no future on Earth in the long. If mankind continues tos tay on Earth, negative effects of the Sun will eventually rise or fall again with a meteor strike.

Hawking concluded his words by saying, “I hope for the best.

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Hawking: I believe that human beings should leave Earth

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