Healthy snacks for summer

Lighter foods must be consumed due to hot weather and humidity in the summer months. You should also take care of the snacks in order to feel better, to be healthy and not to gain weight. Here are some healthy snacks you can consume in the summer.

Fruit salad is one of the healthy recipes for summer. Fruit gives your body energy with its natural sugars and vitamins and it does not cause you to gain weight. For this reason, mixing the summer fruits and preparing a delicious salad will be one of the best and easiest recipes of summer. Take care of consuming the fruit salad without cream and sugar.

Chia Pudding prepared with various fruits is a very light dessert. You can easily prepare this alternative snack that accelerates your metabolism with bananas or strawberries. Get a mixture of banana and milk, strawberry and milk, or both banana, strawberry and milk. You can use 1 cup of milk for one banana. Then add 2 tablespoons of chia seeds to the mixture and wait for half an hour. Take care of preventing the seeds from sticking together in the cupboard. After 2-3 hours your pudding is ready for consumption.

Fruit Yogurt is another healthy snack meal you can consume in the summer months. You can add oatmeal to this alternative which you can easily prepare with fruits such as strawberries, bananas, peaches. This will be a very satisfying snack.

Oat Fruit will be one of the easy to prepare and healthy snacks for summer months. For this snack, chop up your favorite fruits such as peach, banana or strawberry. Then add a bowl of oatmeal and a cup of milk on top.

Ice cream is one of the lightest snacks that can be consumed in the summer months. You can also prepare ice cream at home as you can buy the frozen ice cream. It will meet your need for sugar and be a low calorie snack.

Dried fruits also offer healthy snacks that will satisfy your sweet need and give you energy. You can add dried nuts such as walnuts and almonds to your healthy snack.

Cornflakes will be consumed with fruit, dried fruit, dried nuts and milk as a healthy and satisfying snack in the summer months. Again whole grain and crispy cereals containing olive oil, dried tomatoes or olives are healthy snacks that can calm your hunger.

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Healthy snacks for summer

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