Heart disease linked to baldness

According to a survey made by Tokyo University on 37 thousand people, 32 percent of people with baldness are found to have coronary heart disease.

In this study patients were classified as having non-spoilage, frontal opening-baldness, baldness in the upper and upper zone, and finally combined spills. Particularly in people with hair loss from the upper and the upper part, a close relationship was established with heart diseases and these persons were considered to be at high risk for coronary diseases.

It was seen that the people whose hair was opened from the front side were not in high risk group in terms of heart diseases. Possible reasons for this may be hypersensitivity to male hormones, insulin resistance which is considered to be the onset of diabetes, inflammation in the blood vessels and hypersensitivity to testosterone. All of these diseases can lead to both baldness and heart disease.

In the study, it is seen that people who have spillage in the front, top and upper regions compared to those with hair have the risk of coronary artery disease with a ratio of 69 percent. If the spillover is only at the top and top zone the ratio of the risk is 52%.

Interestingly, the study shows there is closer relation between the risk of atherosclerosis, a disease affecting the arteries, in the vein, and the baldness in the upper side of the head. And that the risk of atherosclerosis is less in frontal spillage.

Health specialists advice to have a healthier lifestyle, to have a good diet and to start a spore, instead of just dealing with the number of poured thorns or how much your hair is thinner. Low fat diets, exercises and less stress is an important method to deal with the risk of cardiovascular diseases. Especially in the younger age, the baldness events that lead to the opening on the hill need to be closely monitored in terms of the risk of heart diseases and sudden death. If you have begun to have baldness at a young age, it is imperative to reduce cardiovascular risk with a healthier lifestyle.

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Heart disease linked to baldness

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