How Moms Can Balance Work and Family?

In modern life, women are in the workforce as many as never before. According to the Center for American Progress nearly 4 in 10 women are in working life. Being a working mother is a much more difficult job than coping with annoying bosses or customers at work. A mom is not so much different from a superman while she is trying to balance her family and her job. If you are a working mom here are some tips on how you get closer to reaching an ideal work-life balance.

Being a full-time working mother can lead to feelings of guilt and stress because of divided attention between family and work. In order to find the right balance between profession and parenthood try to do everything among a plan and be organized. Rather than thinking about why you’re not with your child, think about how your job is benefitting the family. You can afford certain educational opportunities for your children or you’re able to put away savings for college.

According to the researches the most successful career moms have found ways to be efficient in both worlds. Of course there will be good and bad days. Think that you are not alone and these days will pass. You can take the help of your partner or you can take professional help if you are not able to cope with the feeling of guilt.

Finding a qualified childcare is may be the most important thing for you and your children to feel compostable and peaceful. Ask your friends and family for references to nannies, babysitters, and daycare centers. Determine what are important and then schedule time to interview qualified childcare providers or to tour local daycares. Hiring nannies with a history of long-term commitments to families may be a good preference.

Start the day in an organized way. Yes, you need superman power for waking up early, packing the kids’ lunches, laying out their clothes and having everyone shower. Do not forget to make the next day’s to-do list and divide the schedule, determining which parent gets the kids dressed, buys necessary groceries, and cooks the meals.

Creating a family calendar that include dates when bills are due, a chore chart for kids, a list of school and family events, extracurricular activities, birthdays will be really helpful for you to be organized.  You can use Google calendars, which can be easily shared and synced on smartphones. Having 15 minutes each Sunday in order to review and prepare for the upcoming week’s schedule, will facilitate your work. This time will help you to eliminate surprises during the week.

Having children is may be the most important event in your life that necessitates deep changes in your daily life. Leave aside all the troubles, possible problems and stress while trying to continue the motherhood with your carrier and try to enjoy the success of being a working mom without any superpower.

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How Moms Can Balance Work and Family?

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