How should children be protected from seasonal diseases?

How should children be protected from seasonal diseases?

The arrival of spring and the warming of the air affect our psychology positively. However, the risk of having seasonal diseases increases. If the body immunity of your child is vulnerable, the risk of the seasonal diseases increases more and more.

Warming weather sweetens up all of us, especially the children who are able to play in parks and who can travel with thinner clothes happily. But, viral and cold diseases are increasing due to changes in the weather during the day, as the changing weather conditions make it difficult for us to protect our body heat, and the danger of pollen triggering allergic diseases starts.

There are a few recommendations for all mothers for seasonal transition.

The weather is cold in the morning and we mostly put up our children thickly. But, as the air gets warm during the day, they will sweat and this will cause coldness. In this sense, we should definitely choose cotton and sweat absolving underwear.

Since viral and infectious ones are the most common diseases during the seasonal changes, routine cleaning should be taken more seriously. Hand washing should be emphasized especially after the park and garden trips.

Especially, the children having allergy mostly have cough in this period. It is absolutely necessary to follow the cough violence and see the doctor. Because, especially in allergic children, the risk of turning to bronchiolitis in these coughs is very high.

In this period, it will be right to consume natural immune-boosting foods. For example, garlic is a very powerful immune enhancer and a food with antioxidant properties. Adding a garlic clove to your meals will surely increase the taste of the meals and will be helpful to improve the immune system of your child.

Another food that strengthens immunity is ginger. Grate the fresh ginger and add honey and lemon into it. Consuming a spoon of this mixture will strengthen the immune system.

Besides these natural recipes, the doctors may give many nutritional supplements and immunity-enhancing foods that we can supply especially with pharmacists.

It is especially important how we dress our children in this period, especially considering the seasonal temperatures. In order to be cautious, we are slowly overcoming the period of time when we would like to wear very thick clothes. It is also important to consume plenty of water as usual at this period.

Finally, it is time to take advantage of the abundant sunlight. It is known that vitamin D in the sunlight has a positive effect on bones and muscles while the harmful rays of the sun are not as effective as in the summer.

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How should children be protected from seasonal diseases?

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