How to extend the battery life of your phone?

Battery life is the weakest deficiency of even the best smartphones. In recent years, phones have had a major place in many areas of our lives with their improvements from camera to processing power. However, we still have not seen a big breakthrough in battery technology. The screen size, the number of sensors and the processor power are constantly increasing, while the battery capacity is almost the same. Some producers try to solve this problem with functions such as “quick charge” and “power mode”, however a real solution is still not found. Here are some methods to prolong battery life of your phone.

  1. Turn off the vibration: While typing, it is nice to hear the phone, however this vibration can cause your battery to run out more quickly. If you do not need to vibrate when your phone rings, turn it off as well.
  2. Turn off “OK Google” app: You can extend the battery life of your phone by turning off Google’s constantly command-waiting feature.
  3. Close when location is not needed: You may not want to close the location when using applications like Google Maps, WhatsApp, and Uber. But, keeping the location all day open can cause your battery to run out. Your phone can only watch videos, send email, etc.
  4. Do not miss updates: Producers can update their applications with optimizations for battery saving. Thus, make sure you’re using the latest versions of installed applications.
  5. Open Airplane mode: This is not a permanent solution, but disconnecting all connections to the outside world can significantly increase battery life of your phone.
  6. Remove the widgets on the screen: Widgets are one of the most important features of Android, but these tools can connect to their own servers to provide up-to-date information, which can cause your battery to run faster.
  7. Turn off automatic sync: Apps such as Gmail, Twitter, Calendar, Facebook, are constantly communicating with the internet to provide you with the latest information.
  8. GPS, Bluetooth, NFC: Finally turn off if you are not using Bluetooth, GPS, Wi-Fi, NFC and mobile data. Remember to switch to low power mode when your battery is running low.

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How to extend the battery life of your phone?

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