How to get rid of back pains?

Lumbar pain has become a common disease of many people today. Sedentary working situations, inactivity, reverse movements cause most of us to get back pain at a young age. It is not possible to get rid of back pain completely without doctor’s treatment. However, with some minor changes in our daily lives, it may be possible to reduce the pain or prevent the back pain from occurring.

Paying attention to vitamin D deficiency

Investigations in India have showed that people with vitamin D deficiency complain more about back pain. Thus, if you have back pains, you should have some blood tests to understand if you have vitamin D deficiency or not. If yes, it may be possible to get rid of your pains with vitamin D supplement.

Mobile device usage

Since we spend a lot of time on our tablets or smartphones, we are bending down our necks very intensively during the day. This affects my whole spine negatively starting from the neck, and there are other effects that go as far as insomnia. Thus, there is a benefit to bring a limit to the use of mobile devices unnecessarily.

Having weighty bags

Having a heavy bag on your shoulder will cause pain in your waist as it will negatively affect your spine. Thus, be careful to carry as little as possible in your bag and do not carry it on your shoulder all the time.

Get rid of high heels

Although most of the women love high heeled shoes, it is certain that it causes back pain. So keep wearing heels a little more flat or medium in height in your everyday life.


The days when bed rest was given to lumbar pain were left behind. Instead, stretching your spine will be effective in reducing your back pain. Exercises to strengthen your core muscles, exercise such as Pilates, swimming, hydrotherapy can reduce the burden on your belly and prolong your muscles.


Health specialists say that physical therapy is actually treatable. You can consult your doctor and chose a good hospital for physiotherapy which will be helpful to reduce your back pains, of course, if it is done correctly.


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How to get rid of back pains?

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