How to remove unwanted tattoos?

A symbol, names, letters, or a phrase …Tattoos are very trendy nowadays. People mostly have a tattoo to externalize their emotions, lifestyles or personality traits, and sometimes to camouflage a trail or spot that that occurs in their body. However, after a while you may want to remove the tattoos which are made with desire.

The tattoos gotten with a great enthusiasm and passion are required to be erased due to emotional personal and social factors. At this point, where and how to erase the tattoos and whether the deletion is painful become be a big problem. In such situations tattoo removal systems such as Q-switched laser systems can be the solution. But, take care of having the process in a well-equipped hospital rather than a tattooist.

In Q-switched laser systems, high energy is delivered to the tattoo pigment with a single powerful short and by heat tattoo pigment is broken up suddenly. The tattoo pigment is divided into very small pieces. It is destroyed and removed by the cells involved in the immune mechanism of the body without creating any danger for the body. The development of unwanted side effects in processed area is avoided in large quantities.

There are different types of Q-switched lasers changing according to the length of eave. Some types are effective in removing black, blue and green tattoos, while others are effective in red, orange and yellow colors. Namely, it is possible to clean multi-colored tattoos.

Amateur made tattoos are getting better results than professional tattoos. Older tattoos have more successful results than new tattoos. Tattoos on which chemical peeling or dermabrasion is applied is more resistant to the laser application and it is more difficult to erase completely.

As in all laser applications, Q-switched lasers are also said to be protected from the sun. Otherwise problems such as permanent spotting may occur and the sessions need to be delayed. While continuing to the Q-switched lasers sessions, it is important to use sun protection creams with high protection factor and to avoid the solarium.


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How to remove unwanted tattoos?

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