How to treat headache without medication?

Unhealthy nutrition, not getting enough oxygen, not getting enough sunlight, and stressful business and private life are causing a constant headache in a large number of people. While trying to treat our headaches, we become drug addicts, but we still cannot finish our pain completely. We can get rid of our headache without medication with just some care and a few simple recipes.

You can use lemon and mint to treat your headache instead of medicine. Rub piece of lemon in your hand and bring it to the consistency of the paste, and use it on your face and forehead. The aromatherapy of lemon will help your headache pass. Another miraculous plant is mint. The soothing effect of the mint provides relief especially with the tea.

Drinking enough water is also useful to prevent headaches. Not just when you get too much alcohol, always drink plenty of water. Because lack of fluids often causes headaches.

Having prosthetic tooth can also be the cause of headache. If the prosthesis is not well adjusted or the teeth are squeaky at night, they can cause headaches and stiffness. The dentist will help by adjusting or loosening the height of the prosthesis.

Coffee can also be painkiller for your headache. A cup of coffee may be like a good miracle drug against headache. Caffeine accelerates blood circulation and slows the transmission of pain. It is often very useful in people who do not drink coffee frequently. In some migraines, caffeine can cause pain instead of killing the pain.

Magnesium relaxes muscles and soothes nerves. Lack of magnesium can cause headaches due to sweating or stress. It is beneficial to eat whole grain products with legumes that this mineral is abundant.

Headache and stress are two very close friends and are often seen together. Learning the techniques of relaxation and breathing can be your most effective help to fight with headaches. Performing neck exercises may also help to stop headaches. Neck exercises take 3 minutes and it is good for headache as well as helping you to relax the tension of the long hours at work. You can do these exercises by slowly moving your head from right to left, from left to right and up and down. In the meantime, do not forget to take a deep breath.

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How to treat headache without medication?

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