It is forbidden to take selfie in these places!

Can you imagine a holiday without taking selfie? The nature photography of the previous times has left its place to selfie madness in modern time. Despite the hugeness of selfie madness in the world, there are some places in the world where is selfie is forbidden?

Disney is one of these places. Since July 2016, the recreation center has been banned to take selfie in Disney. Park banned selfie bars on trains due to safety reasons. As the authorities could not cope with complaints taking selfie was forbidden throughout the whole park.

Photographing in the Sistine Chapel is prohibited since 1980! But this ban isn’t related with security or crowds. The reason of this ban is the fact that the Vatican has given all photo and video rights for the $ 3 million fund Japanese Nippon Television Network in 1980.

Garoupe Beach is one of the most famous beaches in southern France.  It is forbidden to take selfie here because for the authorities of the beach taking selfie ruins the real beach experience.

One of the places where the Selfie bar is prohibited is that the Metropolitan Art Museum in New York. In fact, it is not entirely forbidden, but it does not look warm because of the possibility of damaging artworks while using the selfie bars. People are losing exposure and are damaging to the atmosphere of the museum.

Taking selfie is also forbidden in Bull Racing in Pamplona. In such a race you might think that selfie is of course forbidden, but there are those who do. This ban has been brought to this effect.

Lollapalooza Music Festival is the annual music festival in Chicago where selfie bars are prohibited.

The Palace Museum in Beijing is one of the most touristic spots in Beijing where the selfie ban is also valid. The use of a selfie bar is prohibited especially in crowded areas because of the sensitivity of the items in the museum.

If you are planning to visit one of these places sooner, try to get used to the times without selfie and enjoy your travel.

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It is forbidden to take selfie in these places!

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