Natural beauty methods alternative to cosmetics involving chemical materials

Women around the world are struggling to erase the effects of aging on their faces. For this reason, demand for plump materials like Botox never decreases. However, many people have to deal with unpleasant side effects due to the painful procedures involved in implementing these substances to your body. Thankfully, there are many healthier alternatives to the chemical methods like Botox which sometimes cause unpleasant problems.

Using cinnamon and mint oil instead of lip filling materials is one of these healthy alternatives. Filling materials made from hyaluronic acid and often used to increase lip volume are injected with a larger injection similar to Botox. As side effects, there may be swelling, itching, color change and sensitivity in the injection area. But, you can use mint oil and cinnamon powder for natural fuller lips instead of this risky method. Pour a small amount of mint and cinnamon powder into a bowl. Dip a wet cotton swab into the powder and apply onto your clean and smooth lips. You may experience a slight tingling sensation on your lips, which is normal. Wait a few minutes and then wipe your lips. You will see the difference with your eyes.

A natural alternative to chemical peeling is pineapple and lemon squash. When chemical peelings are applied, Alpha Hydroxyl Acids (AHA) is used to peel the upper outer skin layer (epidermis) and the new smooth skin under the skin is removed. This may result in redness, scarring and color changes. But, it is possible to obtain smoother skin by the help of pineapple and natural citric acid lemon containing skin-nourishing enzymes. Drip the freshly squeezed juice onto the cotton and apply to the face. Wait five to ten minutes. Then rinse with warm water. For best results, apply this method every day for one week.

Sugar is a natural alternative to micro dermabrasion. Micro dermabrasion is a skin casting treatment which targets removing scars in particular. It involves the application of pressure-applied aluminum oxide crystals at different grades. The most common side effect of this implementation is redness of the skin. However, you can use sugar instead of this method. Slightly wipe your face with warm water, dip your damp fingers in the sugar box, and apply the sugar gently in circular motion for at least one minute. Rinse with cold water and dry with buffer.

Using almond oil instead of eyelash serum is another natural method used for beauty. Eyelashes serums on the markets promising thicker and darker eyelashes may cause staining on the iris. For this reason, instead of this method, it is possible to reach full natural eyelashes with natural almond oil. Almonds contain biotin, which contributes to hair growth. So it is nutritious for all kinds of hairs. Pour a few drops of almond oil into a small bowl, soak the cotton swab and gently apply it to the tip, starting from the upper eyelash line, looking down. Then rub the dry end of the cotton swab over the oiled lashes to absorb excess oil. You will have longer cuffs in a short time.

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Natural beauty methods alternative to cosmetics involving chemical materials

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