New Generation Travelers

Each generation has had different habits and behaviors for its period. With the rising importance of the technology in our life, the new generations also start to have various habits and behaviors which are unique and really different from their parents’.

Travel habits of the new generation especially, the Y generation, is mostly shaped by the huge use of technological devices and technological innovations. If you want to get a closer look at the travel trends of Y generation, you need to see them while booking a hotel with their smartphone, working with a laptop computer in the hotel lobby or even calling a taxi over the internet applications while in a meeting.

The new generation travelers are on a great rise with their own habits and high expectations. According to the reports of an international firm providing accommodation services consultancy, the number of Y generation travelers is expected to reach a number of 78 million by 2030s. It is a fact that the new and dynamic perspective of the new generation travelers has changed the old and boring truths of travel choices.

Living faster and faster has great importance for them. The new generation wants to do all at the same time and quickly. They are used to check-in for a hotel in 30 seconds, buy flight tickets at the same time and even writing to their friends. Smartphone applications are the cornerstone of the travel habit of Generation Y. Wi-fi is far more than a cute utility that makes life easier for them.

New-generation travelers have turned into marketing tools for brands at the same time. They contribute to the marketing strategies of the brands by sharing their photos on social media sites such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest. Because of the fact that they do not hesitate to share their thoughts and opinions, Y generation travelers are also a blessing opportunity for the business world. On the other hand, they make interpretations as soon as the service is not satisfied with its position. Companies also benefit from the negative opinions made about the travel sites, restaurants or restaurants that collect them under a single roof and can apply sanctions accordingly.

Choose a single channel for information and procurement is another trend of new Generation. The user does not find enough internet sites that you can only book hotels now. Generally, newest travel-loving travelers prefer to stay in places that have a distinctive feature, design or location that is different from other hotels and they do want recognize not just the hotel in these circles, they want to take information about all the places, restaurants, fests, shopping centers around the hotel at the same time.  If they believe one application or internet site provides this opportunity, they mostly prefer to use this internet site or application. Tripadvisor which is recognized as the pioneer of this trend, is known as the world’s largest travel site. It provides the real user experiences about hotels, travel packages, holiday packages, travel guides and more, also helps you navigate to your chosen destination at affordable prices through online flight finder.

The internet sites like Jetsetter, Jabiroo and SniqueAway provide special discounts to travelers. Traveling in the cheapest way is another trend spread between new generation. Thrillist is a different version of sites like jetsetter and tripadvisor providing suggestions and evaluations instead of researching and criticizing.

Namely, the world has met with new generation travelers who want to see what is not seen in cosmopolitan worlds and who are mad about trying the unexperienced things.  Be ready for the newest trends that you may never think about.

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New Generation Travelers

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