New Trend of Social Media: Vlog

Most of us want to feel like a movie star? Moreover, you are both the head character and the director of the movie.

With the rapid development of technology, a new profession has emerged around the world. Name of this technologic profession is” Vlogger”. Many people who have reached thousands or even millions of followers on the social media nowadays make money by vlogs.

The logs of your childhood memories started to be published on the internet quickly, and changed their name to blog. Blogs that let you explain yourself and your thoughts in your own way have left their popularity to the videologist or Vlogs in other words.

Basically having the same purpose with the other methods, the Vlog is the method of the new generation to express themselves in video. In the past, high-resolution cameras were both expensive and not suitable for transport. As a result of technological advances, we have reached the speed of being able to take high quality videos even with mobile phones and to share these videos instantly in social media. Perhaps by the effects of all these conveniences, we changed our way to explain ourselves and our thoughts. Videos became our diaries now.

This is where a Vlogger comes in. Vlogger is a name given to the person who take and share the vlog. But there is a very important detail. In order to be a Vlogger, you have to continue to share vlogs regularly on many social media accounts. Just as someone who shares a single post will not be a blogger; one who shares a vlog cannot be expressed as a vlogger.

If you want to perform your first Vlog test, here are some small tips. The first thing you are required is finding an original and up-to-date topic for your content. Finding a topic for Vlog or creating the right concept will reveal the quality of your channel. This will of course greatly affect your popularity.

The second, perhaps the most noticeable part of the Vlog is camera identification. If you want to be a successful Vlogger, you must give the necessary attention to camera selection and tools.

Third important tip is the vlog editing operation. Maybe you took videos that took hours. But no one will watch you for 1 hour. So try to shorten the videos you have taken in the editing process as much as possible.

Finally, continue to make stable and regular sharing.

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New Trend of Social Media: Vlog

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