Pastoral life of the mountain villages of Swiss

The magical idyllic geography of the Alps is so beautiful that you may feel as if you are in a dream just when you look at these amazing view. These lands, which offer unique landscapes and experiences of local life to those who want to explore, are a state of heaven given to nature. If you are one of those who wish to see these amazing lands, here are some of the mountain villages you can start your discovery.

Bergün in the Engadine Valley and the tiny Latsch right beside the Engadine Valley are dreamy enough to make a pleasant journey to the humble world of Heidi and his grandfather. In fact, this region is where the first Heidi Filmin was drawn in 1952.

In Bergun and Latsch you can join Heidi-based walking routes in the spring and summer months. In winters you can ride with the sleds on a five-kilometer road between Preda-Bergün. You can discover the beauties of peaks and lush lowlands of Bergun and Latsch like Heidi and Peter.

Located in the Pays d’Enhau Valley in the Canton of Vaud, Rougemont stands out with its pristine virgin nature, natural flora and plenty of oxygen. If you travel to Rougemont you can also visit the Rougemont Church, which is well-known for its artistic wooden village houses besides wandering around the virgin nature of Rougemont.

Feldis is located near the city of Chur in the Canton of Graubünden on the sunny  slopes of the Alps.  You can participate in many activities such as skiing, snowboarding, sledding, ice-skating, curling in Feldis. Moreover, you can even join the 7-ton giant snowballing tile. For those who want to go in summer, nature walks are waiting for you with panoramic mountain views.

Sils which is Switzerland’s most famous ski resort is a sympathetic mountain village near the city of St. Moritz. If you want to visit Sils in summer, you can follow the Nietzsche’s hiking trail who was spending summers in Sils.  If you prefer to g oto Sils in winter, you can enjoy this tremendous geography in the sleds pulled by the horses.

Ernen is known as a music village that hosts the classical music festival every year. In addition to the historic Baroque Church where the festival was held, Ernen’s most notable house is the Tell House, decorated with frescoes of William Tell who is the legendary hero of Switzerland. If you travel to Ernen, you can visit the nearby village of Mühlebach and visit 22 magnificent wooden houses there.

Soglio is one of the fairytale villages of the Bergell region, located on the Italian border. You can stroll through the cobbled streets of Soglio and take pictures at the rose garden of the 1630’s historic Palazzo Salis Hotel.

Bosco Gurin which is the highest village of the Canton of Ticino with an altitude of 1503 meters, is famous with its stone and wooden houses built in 1253. One of these well preserved houses serves as a museum.

Situated at an altitude of 1500 meters, Törbel is one of the typical mountain villages in the Canton of Valais. Törbel has an open air museum covering eight well-preserved homes. You can travel with guided or unguided tours in Törbel and you can observe the daily life in mountain villages of Swiss.

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Pastoral life of the mountain villages of Swiss

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