Pay attention to the symptoms of stomach cancer

Stomach cancer, one of the most common cancers types, catches approximately 900,000 people every year in the world. Health specialists warn that the symptoms of stomach cancer are not clear at an early stage due to the fact that stomach is a large organ. Thus, it is important to pay attention to the smallest indications of this disease. They emphasize the necessity of examining blood in stools which is one of the symptoms of stomach cancer.

Stomach cancer is one of the diseases that human beings have been caught since ancient times. Famous name, Napoleon Bonaparte had stomach cancer. Before Napoleon, According to the World Health Organization (WHO), the diagnosis of stomach cancer, which has been seen in the George Ebers inscriptions in the 1600s, is put on 900,000 people every year.

According to the report of the World Health Organization (WHO), it is stated that stomach cancer has been seen more frequently in underdeveloped countries and regions than in developed places. It is also determined that males had more stomach cancer than females. Radiation exposure, excessive cigarette and alcohol consumption, helicobacter pylori on the side of the microbial cannabis are among the reasons which cause stomach cancer.

There is also an important relationship between nutrition and stomach cancer. Specialists warn about that especially overly salty foods and smoked foods cause cancer. Salt, salted foods, smoked foods, nutritive additives such as nitrates, high temperature cooking of meat, moldy foods (especially aflatoxins in the wheat germs) lead to stomach cancer. There is no doubt that there is nothing to eat once but it is dangerous if it has become a ‘habit’ with these foods and this kind of diet. Excessive consumption of meat, continuous frying is a nutritional way that disturbs the health of the stomach. Another cause that is determined is the extremely hot drink of soup and tea. Warm consumption of meals and drinks should be preferred. The risk of stomach cancer is reduced when they are fed with abundant fresh vegetables and fruits.

Since the stomach is a large organ, the symptoms of this cancer type are not clear at an early stage. Cancer is detected in the early stages either during coincidence during the screening or during a survey of a carnivore. Symptoms are not felt early on. However, as the tumor grows and grows, some of the symptoms are felt by the patient and some by the doctor.

Stomach cancer is characterized as anorexia, early satiety, burning of the stomach, abdominal pain, weight loss, the appearance of blood in the stool, and the feeling of stabbing when swallowing locusts. If these symptoms are diagnosed at an early stage, they become saviors. If the patient complains of an anemia or fatigue related to them, the gastrointestinal tract should be examined.

Health specialists also notice that being examined at the determined time period and taking care of nutrition have life-saving importance in gastric cancers. They warn that every individual who passed the age of 40 should have gastroscopy at least once.

What about the treatment methods of stomach cancer? Gastrointestinal surgery is a method applied to the patients having gastric cancer. The cancerous tumor is removed partly or all with laparoscopic, or sometimes open, depending on the place of cancer, operation. Gastrointestinal continuity is ensured so that it can be retrieved again. D2 lymph node dissection in the form of surgery is more likely to be successful, life is longer in patients. With the D2 lymph node dissection, they not only remove the lymph glands around them, but also the lymph glands around the veins feeding the gnats. And after this operation, additional treatments are planned.

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Pay attention to the symptoms of stomach cancer

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