Pisa Tower Trip

We are in the city of Pisa in the Tuscany region of Italy. This region, which is home to the Pisa Tower, is an area famous for the architectural works from the Renaissance period for with its magnificent nature. Six places in the Tuscan region were taken under UNESCO protection. The historical center of Florence,  the historical center of Siena, the Cathedral of Pisa, the Historic Center of San Gimignano, the Historical Center of the City of Pienza and Val d’Orcia have been in the protection list of UNESCO.

This is the first time I have been to Tuscany Region. And as most of the travelers I decided to start my trip from the Piazza dei Miracolide square where the Tower of Pisa is located. The Piazza dei Miracolide square means the square of the miracles. This square is closed to vehicles. I parked my car in a place far away from the square and continued with a train like vehicle. Other choice was walking a long way.

As you are getting closer to the square, the City Cathedral and round-shaped baptistery in the square were seen. They were built between 1060 and 1090. Despite the magnificent architecture of Piazza dei Miracolide Square, it is mostly remembered for Pisa Tower. The Pisa Tower was built as a symbol of the power and wealth of the city against the major cities of that period, Genoa and Venice. The Tower, which is rounded by 6 rows of columns, is 56 meters high. Pizza Tower is a 294-stepped staircase.

During the construction of the Pisa Tower, it has begun to lean southward. This is due to a collapse in the alluvial soft zone. Nowadays, a plume hanging down from the top of the hull to the south is descending to 4.3 meters. However, the tower is not overturned because the projection of the center of gravity of the building is contained within its base circle. The tower continues to lean 0.7 cm per 100 years. The current declination of the Pisa Tower is 5,5 degrees.

If you visit the region of Tuscany where you can feel the great climate of Mediterranean Sea, the Pisa Tower can be one of the places you absolutely should see. Italy is like a delicious meal that you cannot be saturated with its magnificent nature, magnificent historical artifacts, wines, delicious food and coffee aroma coming from everywhere. If you once come to Italy, you can never give up in this country.

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Pisa Tower Trip

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