Qualcomm introduced Mesh Networking Platform and Reference Design

Qualcomm Technologies introduced Mesh Network Platform and Reference Design which will open a new era in residential connectivity. Mesh Networking Platform is a combination of original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and unique technologies that enable broadband carriers to deliver next-generation connected residential experiences. Intelligent residential devices to be designed on the Qualcomm Mesh Network Platform will offer many mesh system features such as voice control, centralized management and security, as well as powerful and seamless connectivity all over the house for carrier-grade networks. With Qualcomm Mesh Network Reference Design complementing this platform, OEMs will be able to develop next generation network products in a faster way.

New features such as voice assistance and IoT radio integration will not only transform consumers’ home experiences, but also it will offer carrier-grade advanced features that will help the users to experience their mesh systems more easily.

The Qualcomm Mesh Networking Platform was built on the Qualcomm® IPQ40x8 / 9 network chip system used by most of the mesh networking products today.  The Qualcomm Wi-Fi Self-Organizing (SON) feature set is one of the first collections of SON features. It offers automatic management, traffic optimization and additional security without the need for Wi-Fi coverage, easy installation, virtually no user intervention.

Carrier-grade features enable carriers to easily port SON for other silicon platforms with application programming interfaces, enhancing broadband services with Wi-Fi SON. Qualcomm Technologies also offers software features such as cloud-based system control for remote monitoring, diagnostics and analysis.

Consumers can talk to and interact with devices on their network by the help of integrated audio features. The Qualcomm Mesh Networking Platform also supports APIs for the most popular cloud-based helper applications, as well as built-in microphone products and speakers, voice recognition software.

The Qualcomm IOT Connectivity Kit supports communications protocols, cloud services and software frameworks that have been announced before, while it is helping network-wide Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, CSRmesh connectivity work concurrently and synchronously. On this platform, this platform serves as a universal translator for different connectivity technologies and ecosystems, reducing the complexity for producers, developers and consumers and reducing fragmentation problems.

The Qualcomm Mesh Network Reference Design offers manufacturers an advantageous way to commercialize next generation networking products with modern features. In this regard, the link and control mechanism is incorporated into the network, opening up new business partners for OEMs, cloud providers and IoT client / device ecosystem.

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Qualcomm introduced Mesh Networking Platform and Reference Design

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