Rheumatic diseases in babies

Despite the fact that rheumatism is considered to occur mostly in adults, children even babies may have rheumatic diseases.  Pediatric Rheumatologists state that rheumatism is started to be seen at 3-4 years of age in children. There are even cases of 6 months old babies having rheumatic diseases.  Due to the increase number of children under 3 years old with rheumatic diseases, Pediatric Rheumatologists are working to increase the awareness of the parents about this disease.

Rheumatism is known as a disease unique to the aging period but it is encountered even in very young ages. Rheumatism is a genetic disease that occurs when the immune system overreacts to the stimulant.  Pediatric Rheumatologists reported that one out of every one thousand children in the world has this disease.

Having difficulties while walking and while using the hands and arms, the morning oscitancy and swelling are among the main symptoms of rheumatism. Families should take the children to orthopedics when they see such difficulties in their children.

Rheumatism does not like immobility. When the first indications of rheumatism appeared, the misdiagnosed children’s arms and legs are mostly encased in plaster.  But, it is a fact that the immobility worsened this illness.

Health Specialists say that the parents should refer to the child health and disease specialist first and that rheumatism can be understood more easily. Some children with rheumatism cannot be diagnosed and the disease is mixed with having a joint swelling or curling. But every minute without treatment increases the risk of joint damage.

Thus, diagnosis has great importance in the rheumatic diseases.  The treatment is much easier at the beginning of the disease. It is more and more difficult to control the complaints increasing day by day.

Children with rheumatism can apply to health institutions not only with swelling and joints damage complaints but also with high fever complaints. There are several types of rheumatism occurring in several types of joints. Pediatric Rheumatologists point out that this illness affected the eye silently and could lead to blindness.

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Rheumatic diseases in babies

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