Social media users choose 20 places you must see before you die

Despite wherever we live and despite all the different possibilities and beauties that the city we live in offers us, we all want to see different places, taste different tastes, and have different experiences. The sense of discovery was an indispensable obsession of mankind. You are not alone when you are looking for something different from the programs everyone does while planning your vacation. The questionnaire in social media is exactly the one for those looking for such a different holiday. A survey was launched by BuzzFedd in order to identify alternative vacation roots and has attracted thousands of social media users. Social media users have determine the 20 places you need to see before you die. Here are travel routes for travelers looking for difference and unforgettable experiences.

The Pisa Tower, which attracts the most tourists every year, has also has earned the hearths of most of the social media users. Everyone wants to see the Tower of Pisa once in their lifetime. This tower, the symbol of Italy, is located in Pisa, Italy.

Istanbul, the culture capital of Turkey is also included into the list, but visiting the old streets of Istanbul, was offered instead of seeing historical monuments. Most of the social media users offer to visit Sainte-Chappelle in Paris instead of Notre-Dame.

If you are in the United States of America for any reason, se to Hightail in Santa Monica; do not forget to visit Ellis Island in New York; walk in Independence Hall in Philadelphia; visit Hancock Building in Chicago, and Eureka Springs in Arkansas. This USA travel will be the longest one. Social media users participated in this survey says to go to New York but visit Union Square instead of Times Square. In New Orleans you must visit the Warehouse area. Visit the Blue Star Donuts and try Oregon’s famous desserts.

Once in your life, go to India, but visit Golden Temple instead of Taj Mahal. Go to Copenhagen, and spend your time discovering the city instead of taking photograph with the famous Sea Sculpture statue.

Of course Paris is in the list. Despite being attracted by the hugeness of the Eiffel Tower, remember that there are more addresses of a good view Paris.

Vysehrad in Czech Republic is also one of the places you must see before passing away. If you are visiting London, definitely see Sky Garden which is the alternative viewpoint. Bath in England is another place offered by most social media users. Traveling to the Emerald Isle in Ireland will be an unforgettable experience for you.

Absolutely see Hadrian’s Villa in Rome. If you visit Berlin, visit the Wall Memorial instead of Checkpoint Charlie.  Ghent in Belgium is an other place that the social media users offer the most.

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Social media users choose 20 places you must see before you die

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