Stocks have the best day of the previous three months

With the announcement of surprise UK elections, expected rise in the line of the pound realized whereas UK shares fell down. As a result the European stocks have a line of rising and haven and assets declining.


By the help of the Banks and Car Manufacturers the rebound in Stoxx Europe 600 Index has gained a bit after the biggest decline in November. Sterling has also started to be appreciated since October.


Despite the efforts of OPEC countries oil seemed unstable in the third week of April. The dollar strengthened and the U.S. stock futures pointed to a higher opening as it was estimated.

After the drops in the first days of third week of April, investors seem to be taking the addition of yet another macro risk.


Due to the global political crisis, especially the North Korea and Syria conflicts which have been continuing in the world and unfortunately which do not seem to calm down, the economic instability in the global era does not seem to end in the near future. The rising trend of populism in Europe, also in some other parts of the world, may be taken under control with the UK elections.


It is obvious that the not only the stock markets even all means of financial actors are hugely affected by political and social risks, in domestic and global means. Thus, either elections in the United Kingdom or the North Korean threat and the worldwide problem of Syrian immigrants have impacts on the economies of the countries.

OPEC Chief Sees Oil Producers Closer to Re-Balancing Market

With the explanation of the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC), the oil price and the markets are tried to be balanced. The Secretary-General of OPEC, Mohammad Barkindo, stated at a conference in Abu Dhabi that oil-producing countries may be able to give an end to the global financial crisis. Oil will be balancing element in the unstable markets. By looking at the developments in the oil front, OPEC will decide whether to extend its cuts in output beyond June on May 2017.  The OPEC member countries and other major producers are committed to reducing oil stockpiles and to restoring the market’s stability. Barkindo also said that collective action of OPEC will continue to prove effective.

In December 2016, OPEC and several other producers including Russia agreed to pump less oil in order to control the oil price which is due to oversupply weighing. Brent crude oil has gained approximately 19 percent after OPEC decided to reduce the production. Compliance with the cuts was stronger in March compared to the previous month.

Mohammed Barkindo and Suhail Al Mazrouei, the Energy Minister of United Arab Emirates defined that waiting for the participation of OPEC members Iran, Nigeria and Libya in any extension of output limits will be an early statement.  Nigeria and Libya were free from cutting production, because of their internal conflicts.

Kuwaiti Oil Minister, Issam Almarzooq heads the committee monitoring compliance with the cuts.  Kuwait was the pioneer country calling for extending production cuts. Oil prices will increase as demand improves.

If OPEC decides to extend its limits after the first half of the year, Iran will probably be let to keep its production unchanged.  According to the OPEC, Iran is showing good cooperation in this case.

We will see how effective will oil be in balancing the markets.



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Stocks have the best day of the previous three months

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