Strengthen your skin’s immune system with probiotics

Our skin needs probiotic bacteria to be healthy. Probiotics strengthen the immune system of our skin and slow aging.

People know and understand that useful bacteria are necessary to balance our digestive system. Our skin is a barrier between our organs and the outside world. Our entire skin surface is covered with beneficial bacteria in order to prevent pathogens from dwelling in our bodies. These beneficial bacteria make our skin pH balanced. By the help of these beneficial bacteria, our skin does not seem too dry or greasy.

The bacterial that is beneficial to human health is called probiotic. It is found in dairy products, pickles, olives and fermented foods. It stays in the bowels and continues its vitality after being consumed. These probiotics are called prebiotic if they are nutrients. We need probiotic bacteria to make our skin healthy. Probiotics are used as bioactive compounds in cosmetics and personal care products. People’s interest in cosmetic products containing probiotics is increasing day by day.

As a result of the studies on probiotic skin care, probiotics appeared to provide a bi-directional benefit to the skin, and subcutaneous. Probiotic technology reduces cell destruction by 50 percent while increasing active cell renewal by 70 percent.

Probiotics strengthen the immune system of our skin. The probiotics that repair the natural defense mechanism prevent damage to the collagenous structure, while the skin provides water balance and slows aging.

Probiotics are also good for digestive system problems. Gastroenterologists suggest and benefit from such conditions as gas stiffness, diarrhea, constipation, and irritable bowel syndrome.

Probiotics increase the absorption of vitamin-mineral in the intestines. It is especially good for the problem of anemia which is common in women and in children in our country.

It strengthens the immune system. It is good for many problems from cold to allergic problems. It prevents diarrhea in children. It protects the intestine in the use of antibiotics. It has a cholesterol-lowering effect. It reduces the risk of canker cancer. It protects against urinary system infections like vaginal mushrooms.

As the prebiotic-derived foods are taken orally, they can reach the intestines without any structural damage to the digestive system. When they reach the intestines they begin to function. The most important benefit of prebiotics is the ability to live and nourish probiotics. If the probiotics work regularly, the digestive system of the person is working regularly and digestion is facilitated.

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Strengthen your skin’s immune system with probiotics

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