Suggestions to jazz up your spring combinations

As the weather warmed up, vibrant and moving parts began to be seen on the streets. You can look striking and beautiful, reflecting the lively and harmonious air felt during spring months with your combinations. Adopt a fresh and cool style of clothing by combining spring season with trendy pieces alongside classic pieces in your closet. Let’s look at the hits and colors of the season. Here are the details that will revive your spring combinations.

  1. Tassel jeans: It is time to leave your classical jeans for a while. With this tassel fashion that makes you feel the effect of spring, the jeans are tacky and mohair. You can choose your jeans from those with detailed tassels instead of classic cuts, or apply tassels to your trendy jeans at home. You can wear your tassel jeans together with your frilly and vintage-looking blouses and jeans jackets.
  2. Spanish trousers: Spanish trousers are on the scene again. They are often confronted with jeans in denim fabric as well as color and pattern designs. It is also new trends to make a little bit of antiquity in Spain.
  3. Banded sweat suit: You can go everywhere with the bottom of the striped tracksuits this summer. The bottom of the sweatshirt, which can be worn with short tops and sweatshirts, seems to be a new reflection of comfort and frigidity. It is also free to add contrast with your dressy and small bags instead of sports bags to your combine.
  4. Colored tracksuit tops: Colored and front zipper track tops came back. It is possible to have a cool and stylish appearance by wearing trendy jeans and shorts over tops that reflect the best of the vintage spirit.
  5. Silvery socks: The silvery socks add sparkle to the spring season. You can use your sneaker socks with sneaker models as well as with high-heeled sandals and stilettos, and you’ll have a striking look with your style. Do not forget to try this style with short skirts.
  6. Striped vintage shirts: What about to look more romantic this spring with vintage-style shirts that are used in combination of blue and white? You can use your long shirts for clothes or you can wear your short shirts with your jeans.

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Suggestions to jazz up your spring combinations

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