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Hard response from Imagination Technology to Apple

The GPU tension between Apple and Imagination Technologies continues to increase day by day. Here are the latest developments and other details about the subject.

In a press release made by Apple it recently declared that it is planning to produce its own GPU units. The CEO of Apple, Tim Cook, also stated that they would realize it in as little as two years. Thus, the cost of new iPhone models could be further reduced.

After this unexpected announcement from Apple, Imagination Technologies, which produces the GPU of iPhone models, had faced with a sharp decline in the stock markets. The main reason of this unexpected drop of the shares of Imagination Technologies was the fact that this GPU producer company has been taking approxiametly 60 percent of its revenue from Apple.

Imagination Technologies, which has maintained a steady silence, made an unexpected move a few days ago. In the company’s official statement, it is said that it seems impossible to produce a GPU unit in a great way without violating some patents belonging to Imagination Technologies. Just after this announcement, some authorities from the Apple side stated that they do not accept the disclosure made by Imagination Technologies which did not reflect the facts according to them.

It seems that the tension between Apple and Imagination Technologies is getting worse day by day. Moreover, there may also be a patent struggle between the two companies in the process. Because Imagination Technologies has stated that Apple can not use its own patents in a clear duel. Technology followers are eagerly waiting to see how the fight between the two companies will evolve.

Newest Space Projects of NASA

National Aeronautics and Space Administration, NASA, made an announcement about the 22 new projects which have been funded this year. When you first hear about the newest projects of NASA, you might think you read a Hollywood movie script. However, these are the projects that NASA believes can be realized. Here are some of the exciting space projects of NASA.

Flight with laser power, is one of these projects, which covers having a spacecraft fly by the help of a laser. We have already heard about the vehicle fly plans, but this method is a bit different. NASA’s idea is that instead of pushing the tool through the laser, it plans to ignite the engine by taking the laser to the spacecraft, transforming the light into electricity, and then transferring it to the ionic propulsion system.

Mars Exploration Bubbles is another planned project. It is difficult to fly among the atmosphere of Mars, due to its being very thin. With these Mars Exploration Bubbles, NASA is planning to reach places where even the most daring discovery tools cannot.

NASA wants to make interstellar flights possible by using the phenomenon called “Mach Effect“. If this thing works, the trip to Proxima Centauri b will last only 20 years instead of tens of thousands of years.

The absence of gravity in space is one of the big problems. A device named, Turbolift is creating gravitational force downwards. The power is constantly pulling you down because it rotates 180 degrees at certain intervals.

Venus‘s unfamiliar atmospheres with high temperature and toxic gases, is planned to be examined by NASA’s balloon-based module. The surface of Venus is so hot that it can melt the lead. The pressure and the heat on the planet are high enough to crack the surface of a submarine.

New Horizons changed our knowledge of Pluto completely.  In fact, the flight lasted for years and the spacecraft just pass by the planet. NASA is now working on a project which will reduce the flight time to four years by the help of direct fusion.


Revolutionary Phones which failed so bad

Although they appear with great dreams of success, some promising phones failed really so bad. Aside from taking profit, they can not even earn the production costs. Every year, mobilephone manufacturers launch lots of mobile phones by adding innovative, even “revolutionary” features to them. Although these functions are sometimes really revolutionary and successful, lots of phones trying to be Samsung Galaxy or Apple iPhone are going to crumble every year. Here are some of these phones with frustration.

Nokia N-Gage, which hit the market in October 2003, planned to be a smartphone, media player and portable gaming machine at the same time. However, unfortunately three of them failed at the same time. One of the main reasons of this failure was that Nokia N-Gage was difficult to be used as a phone. You had to lean it on your head side in order to speak in the first version of the phone.

While the iPhone was increasing its popularity with its touchscreen, applications and games, with the insistance of Verizon, the BlackBerry decided to produce its own touchscreen “iPhone killer“. The iPhone killer was put on sale in the US in fall of 2008 with an operating system which was not optimized enough for touch. The mechanical part under the phone’s screen was really bad. Due to being designed very rapidly, the phone was full of bugs.

Amazon had many successes in hardware production until Fire Phone. The Amazon Fire Phone, launched on the market in 2014 after years of hard work and commercialization. It was put on sale  with cool features five cameras, 3D screens, an application named Firefly with which you can select the goods and add them to your shopping cart. Unfortunatlely, these cool features did not succeded to attract the consumers. Users were not interested in any of the cool-looking features, and moreover, because of the principles between Google and Amazon, the phone could not access Google Play. So you could not use Gmail, Google Maps and Google Docs comfortably on the phone.

After 2010 it has been talking about that Facebook would produce its own phone. Technology experts said that it would be the right move for Facebook to produce their own  phone. In the spring of 2013 Facebook phone turned to reality. In fact, it was not wholly produces by Facebook. It just has the Facebook Home application which is an Android launcher that was only produced by Facebook. Facebook Home was an application that put your messages on the login screen, allowing you to quickly communicate with your friends via “chat heads.” However, it was understood that it was not a really useful application.

Microsoft Kin is one of the cell phones that comes to mind firstly when it it si talked about failure.  In fact, Kin was not really a bad phone, but its price was extremely expensive. Kin, like Amazon’s absurd Fire Phone, was thrown away by Microsoft in a few weeks.

Motorola Rokr, one of the first phones that contains  iTunes, would offer you a great music experience. However, the phone could not realize its aim. Unfortunately the Rokr did succeeded to work İTunes while the device was introduced to the world by Steve Jobs.

The device could store only 100 songs no matter how much space you have besides its software with many bugs. It was really har to copy songs to the device. Motorola tried to fix the problems in the next Rokr. The phone has turned into a source of embarrassment for Motorola and Apple. In fact, this failure has forced Apple to focus on improving the phone. And, finally Apple succeeded to produce iPhone.

The Svalbard Global Seed Vault: the apocalypse warehouse of Norway

The Svalbard Global Seed Vault is a project in Norway aiming to preserve seed of the all plantsin the world in case of a major disaster. This doomsday warehouse was opened in 2008 and it is located in Longyearbyen, Norway.

According to the myth of Noah’s Flood, during the great flood, Prophet Noah received a pair of from every living species and by doing this sustained life on earth. With the project “Global Seed Vault” carried out in Norway, it is planned that Global Seed Vault will be Noah’s ship in case of any disaster. The Doomsday Vault locates in Svalbard Island of Norway hiding the seeds of all plants on earth. We can call it a vegetative “Noah’s Ark”.

The project aims to store all the plant seeds in the world. The project, which has been carried out in large scale and supported by the Global Product Diversity Organization (GDTC) as well as the Norwegian government, targets to make it possible for the plant species in the world to be preserved and reapplied in the event of a global disaster. Many wealthy people around the world said to be providing financial support to this warehouse. This apocalypse cellarwas built 130 meters below a mountain in Spitsbergen, north of Norway and designed to be nuclear explosion-proof. This warehouse cost about $ 9 million. Approximately 4 million seeds are preserved in the doomsday warehouse.  The temperature of the air in the cellar is fixed to minus 18 degrees, which is the temperature at which the seeds can be kept for the longest.

The project is said to be funded approximately 125-150 thousand dollars annually from the US, UK, Norway, Germany, Switzerland and Canada state funds.

There are objections to this project which can be called sensational and even conspiracy theories.  American journalist F. William Engdahlsays in his book named “Seeds of Destruction” that plans for economic and genetic seizure of the world were made under the glaciers of Spitsbergen Island.

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