The secret of people who have the healthiest heart of the world

The secret of people who have the healthiest heart of the world

A comprehensive research made by a group of scientists from the University of California in the USA showed that the Chimanes who live on hunting and agriculture in Amazon forests are the people having the healthiest hearts in the world. The scientists who made the research reached Chimanes with the canoes.

According to research published in the Lancet medical journal, the heart veins of Chimanes are not clogged even in older ages. Scientists say that there are lots of things to be learnt from the life and nutrition styles of the hunter-gatherer society Chimanes.

Chimanes, whose population is around 16 thousand, is living on hunting, fishing and agriculture on the shores of the Maniqui River in the Amazon rain forests like their ancestors lived thousands of years ago.

In the diet of Chimanes, hunting meat of wild boars, tapirs and capes, including the world’s largest rodent, have a 17 percent amount. The rate of freshwater fish in their nutrition, including piranha and avocado, is 7 percent.

Chimanes grow rice, corn, cassava (sweet potatoes) and bananas on family farms. They get 72 percent of their calories from carbohydrates. This rate is 52 percent in the United States.

Chimanes, which consume saturated fat in few amounts, receive 14 percent of their calories from fat. This is 34 percent in the US. The calories obtained from the protein are also 14 percent. Chimanes mostly eat lean meat.

They walk 17 thousand steps in a day. Including the people over the age of 60, an average Chimanes men walk 17 thousand steps in a day while Chimanes women  walk 16 thousand steps. In modern societies, 10 thousand steps a day are considered a challenging target for many.

Within the scope of the study, 705 people had tomography and coronary artery calcium (cardiac calcium-CAC) values, which were seen as a sign vascular occlusion and a risk of heart attack, were measured.

No CAC was seen in any Chimanes below 45 years of age. In the USA, 80 percent of people in this age group have signs of vascular occlusion.


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The secret of people who have the healthiest heart of the world

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