The Smallest Countries of the World

There have been 206 countries in the world.  There is a number of 193 countries in the world recognized by the United Nations.  The Vatican is also taking place in these countries being recognized by the UN internationally. Some of these countries have a population which is even less than the number of the people living in your apartment.  Here are the world’s least populated countries.

Greenland having a population of 56,452 is an autonomous island of the Kingdom of Denmark. Its economy is based on fishing industry and tourism. Greenland is a very special place with six months daytime, six months nighttime and having no sunset in summer.

The Cayman Islands, which consist of three small islands, are located in the Caribbean Sea, in the north-west of Jamaica and south of Cuba. The Cayman Islands are a group of islands under the control of the United Kingdom. There have been 54,878 people living in these islands. Georgetown is the largest settlement.

Marshall Islands are a group of islands consisting of 31 round island group in in the North Pacific Ocean, in the Oceania region between Hawaii and Papua New Guinea. Population living on these small islands is 54,305.

Saint Kitts and Nevis is a country consisting of two islands located in the Leeward Islands region in the Caribbean Sea. The estimated population in this country is 52,000.

Faroe Islands is an autonomous administration under the control of Denmark. This country was founded in 1948. Total population of Faroe Islands is 48,596.

The Turks and Caicos Islands consist of islands, eight of which are inhabited. These islands are located in the Caribbean Sea, in the North Atlantic Ocean, just below the Bahamas chain. These islands are hosting to a population 40,357 people.

Sint Maarten is one of the most exciting vacation destinations of the Caribbean. One of four countries that generated the Kingdom of the Netherlands is Sint Maarten. It  takes in the 40 percent of the Caribbean island. It has a population of 37,429 people.

Liechtenstein is a principality taking place in Central Europe. Liechtenstein is one of the world’s smallest countries with a surface area of ​​160 square kilometers between Switzerland and Austria. The estimated population of Liechtenstein is 36,157.

Famous with the casinos, Monaco is a city-state located on the Mediterranean coast in Europe. It is the second small independent state in the world after the Vatican. It is population is estimated to be 35,000.

San Marino is one of the five micro-states of Europe. It is located on a small hill in the Apenin Mountains on the Italian Peninsula in Southern Europe. The country has no sea coast. It has a population of 31,887.

Gibraltar with a population of 29,441 people, British Virgin Islands hosting 28,213 people, and Cook Islands having a population: 24,600 are among the world’s less populous countries.

Palau consists of 350 islands. There are approximately 20 thousand people living in Palau. It is located in the south of Greater Oceania, near the north of Papua New Guinea. This small island state got rid of the patronage the US in 1994.

Nauru was known as Pleasant Island before. Nauru is an island country in the South Pacific. Nauru has been used as a settlement for about 3,000. Micronesians and Polynesians were the first residents of this island. Nauru has a population of about 9,945 people.

Tuvalu is the Polynesian country in the Pacific Ocean, consisting of nine coral islands. It takes place between Australia and Hawaii. The population of Tuvalu is estimated to be about 11.323. Tuvalu is the smallest in the world after the Vatican, Monaco and Nauru. It is the second independent country with least population after the Vatican.

Montserrat, Saint Helena, Ascension and Tristan da Cunha and Falkland Islands are also among the smallest states of the world.

Niue, which is partly connected to New Zealand, takes place in the Great Ocean. It has population of 1,500 people. Tokelau is also a dependant country of New Zealand in the Great Ocean. There have been 1,100 people living in this island.

Vatican is the administrative center of the Catholic sect of the Christian religion in Rome, Italy. It’s the smallest country in the world. The population living in Vatican is about 500. Vatican is one of famous the tourist destinations in the world.

Pitcairn Islands taking place in the middle of the Pacific, is an island far from civilization. The local people living in this island are called Pitkerns. There are just 50 people living in Pitcairn.

Sealand, is a seaside town built on a 550-square-meter site in England in order to prevent air strikes of German aircraft during World War II. It has a population of 27 living on this sea castle.

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The Smallest Countries of the World

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