What are the symptoms of hyperglycemia?

What are the symptoms of hyperglycemia?

Today, stressful and unhealthy living conditions cause the diseases such as hypertension and high blood sugar to become standard diseases. Unfortunately, most of us suffer from such diseases due to unhealthy nutrition and stress. In order to improve our health and living quality, it is important to determine and cure such diseases. Here are some symptoms of hyperglycemia.

Dryness of the mouth and excessive thirstiness are among the main symptoms of hyperglycemia. If you have problems with your mouth and thirst, this is the cause of severe fluid loss. You have to drink water; you can also eat unsweetened tea.

Weight loss is another indication showing hyperglycemia. If you have high blood glucose, you may soon lose weight. Even if you eat frequently and consume high-calorie foods, weight loss can occur. Liquid loss due to frequent urination leads to low fluid levels throughout the body, which leads to weight loss. If the insulin level is not sufficient for glucose metabolism, the body goes into fat burning mode.

If you have hyperglycemia you can easily have urinary tract infections and fungal infections. Such infections can occur in both men and women.

Hyperglycemia can trigger factors that can cause skin dryness. Excessive urination, for example, can greatly dry the body. Depending on the blood circulation, skin problems may occur on the legs. Damaged nerves can disrupt normal functioning of sweat glands and affect skin water balance.

Blurred vision is also a result of dehydration due to high blood sugar. Eye cells are also adversely affected, and as a result, the eye cannot focus properly.

Sexual problems can occur depending on the nerves and blood circulation problems.

Hyperglycemia prevents glucose from entering the brain cells, so the brain has difficulty in obtaining energy. These adverse effects negatively affect fast thinking and decision making.

According to researches, people with high blood insulin become more anxious, nervous and depressed. Insulin also absorbs the nutrients responsible for affecting the mood. This mineral has to keep the blood sugar in balance because the insulin that cleans the blood from the glucose cannot work without it.

A consequence of high sugar levels is vessel damage. This slows the blood circulation circulation, especially in the legs. It causes malnutrition of the tissues.

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What are the symptoms of hyperglycemia?

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