What is the disease of numbness and tingling in the hands?

Have you ever felt numbness and tingling in the hands? If yes, you are in the 20 percent of the people in the world who feel numb and tingling on their fingers, hands or arms and who are unware of the disease if this situation repeats itself.

When we carry heavy things and hold our wrists in an uncomfortable position, we increase the pressure on the nerves near the surface of the skin. In this case, we may have a feeling of tingling on the surface of all our fingers. In order to avoid such pains and tingling, make sure you sleep well enough and rest. And massage gently on the tingling part.

Lack of vitamins such as E, B1, B6 and B12 can cause tingling on the left fingers or on the left leg.  In this case, the best method to prevent tingling is to get the necessary vitamins by applying to a specialist and having blood teste to determine the missing vitamins.

Spinal injury may also cause numbness and tingling in the hands, especially on the little finger of the left hand. The pressure and damage to the nerves can be the reason of it.  Stretch your back often. You can start yoga, gym or swim. Try to get up and walk frequently.

The carpal tunnel syndrome which became a chronic disease for the ones, who use computer too much, manifests itself in the thumb, index finger, and middle finger. Due to some repetitive movements depending on the work or lifestyle of the person, the tendons may swell causing the hands to numb. Simple gymnastic movements and stretching of joints can prevent carpal tunnel syndrome.

Tingling in the right hand can also be a sign of heart and vascular disease. There may be pressure on the nervous because of numbness at the fingertips, or a hurt on the shoulder at hand. Practice gymnastics and make trekking in order to protect your vein health. Severe problems in your bloodstream may require medical support.

Buerger’s disease is mostly seen in smokers. Lack of minerals in the body because of the decrease of flow of blood due to nicotine, is the main reason of this illness. First the fingers start to numb, then spread to the whole arm. Unfortunately, it is not possible to treat this disease completely. But, you may decrease its symptoms by getting rid of your harmful habits such as smoking.

One of the first signs of diabetes is tingling in feet and in some parts of the arms which occurs because of the reduced flow of blood to certain areas. It is possible to cure type 1 diabetes with insulin. But, type 2 diabetes is related with unhealthy feeding. You must change your life and feeding style and leave your harmful habits.

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What is the disease of numbness and tingling in the hands?

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